Top Ten List From When Bruce Willis Had Hair - by Azeem (Band of Broken Puppets)

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Upon hearing the excellent new Band of Broken Puppets track "When Bruce Willis Had Hair" and viewing its accompanying video (see below) - both published last week - I invited Azeem, who along with Ancient Astronauts makes up the Band of Broken Puppets, to draw up an Amoeblog Top Ten List From When Bruce Willis Had Hair. The talented NJ born, NY based, former Oakland resident poet/emcee happily complied with the top ten list below, several items of which cross reference the song's engaging lyrics that take a look back at the not too distant yet very different decade - a seemingly simpler time in retrospect.

When asked how and when the song came about, Azeem answered, "When a subconscious burst of clarity lands like a cement block and announces itself as a superior truth from beyond, one must be prepared. This was no ordinary moment. I burst into the barbershop and asked for a pen then ripped off a piece of an old tattered New York Post and wrote When Bruce Willis Had Hair, the world made A LOT more sense. I knew I was onto something." Below are ten examples by the consistently socially and politically conscious emcee followed by the video for the song that can be downloaded for free here.

Azeem's Top 10 From When Bruce Willis Had Hair

- Most albums were by groups. These groups inspired people and showed a coolness in unity.They worked hard and paid their dues while the world watched them make mistakes and grow. Today the mainstream is filled by only solo artist media manipulations serving as temporary stars and idols.

#9Arnold Schwarzenegger was just a bad actor from the year 2029 sent back in time to kill Sarah Connor.  

#8- Michael Jackson was alive, relatively normal, and hung out with an illegal alien named E.T.

#7- Will Smith was a rapper. Also a neighborhood teen from West Philly sent to live with his wealthy aunt and uncle in a Bel-Air mansion after being beat up on a basketball court. After six successful seasons that were syndicated internationally, there have been no positive African American television shows since.

#6 - Reggae music was imported. Even the 30% recorded in Brooklyn and Miami. In those days, Brooklyn and Miami were more under control of the Jamaican Shower Posse than the U.S. Government and were therefore considered foreign territories.

#5- Nobody liked the President:  The guys who were in office before Bill Clinton were nothing to play with.They had cocaine and gun running scandals while fighting a “war on drugs” and invading foreign countries all at the same time. Gangsta! 

#4 - If you weren't black or Puerto Rican, you weren't allowed to use that word.

# 3 - People were less robots. The “crazy guy” in the street used to warn us of the microchip being placed in our hands. Now everyone has a cellphone.

#2 - Graffiti was alive. It turned dreary landscapes into gardens. Spoke volumes of information in a multidimensional language. Its spirit affected modern art and advertising to a measureless degree. It was a tangible subculture championed by the restless and creative delinquent. A visual protest and a leg connected to the body of music.

#1 - RAP was an art form. Nonconforming and noncommercial. Imagine that!  

Band of Broken Puppets (MC Azeem + Ancient Astronauts) "When Bruce Willis Had Hair" (2014)

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