New vinyl releases at Amoeba Hollywood 9/27 - T.B. Arthur, Ekman, Marquis Hawkes and more!

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T.B. Arthur

Test Pressing 1 12"

Test Pressing 2 12"

Test Pressing

Ok, so the story is these were found in some Chicago warehouse, but these don't sound like '90s cuts to these ears. In any event, raw, minimal, jacking acid techno tools that even manage to have a bit of fun here and there. "B2" off the second record has some pretty funky cowbell, "A2" off the first record is a great, lurching beast off a track. Despite the anonymity-craving backstory, the best stuff here has a lot of personality.

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Ekman - EntropyEkman

Entropy 12"

Trilogy Tapes

Dutch producer Ekman's been turning out twisted acid/electro for the excellent Berceuse Heroique label for some time now -- his debut for Trilogy is his most gutted material yet. The title track caroms along on some out-of-phase kick, eventually spewing odd delayed stabs that sound like a bi-product of the track's own screwed-up momentum. "Dissipation" is sparse, electro-tinted stuff, like something off the Demdike Testpressing series, while the closer is pure madness, in fitting with the Trilogy "anything goes" ethos.

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Jordan GCZ


Jordan GCZ

Digitalis EP 12"

Future Times

Really beautiful stuff from the Juju & Jordash/Magic Mountain High Mainstay, This is great new age house that could have been recorded anytime in the last 30 years, almost feeling likean apocryphal record that would pop up on Basso's excellent Growing Bin blog. The first track, "Swingonoguitaro" has Jordan flexing amazing jazz comp guitar skills over a rolling house beat. "Digitalis" is slightly more Y.M.O., with DX synth vamps landing close to the retrofuturism vibes Oneohtrix Point Never is hitting these days.

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Marquis Hawkes - Maladaptive Brain DysfunctionMarquis Hawkes

Maladaptive Brain Dysfunction 12"


The anonymous slightly ghetto-style house producer comes correct for Creme. The A, "Tunnel", has him floating a heavenly arepeggio over tough toms, when the elongated synth line comes in it does feel a bit like driving through a brightened corridor. "Sofa King" is an acid track with a bit of the sleazy darkness of "Baby Wants To Ride". On this record, Hawkes seems incapable of turning in a track that isn't catchy.

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Manuel Gonzales - Filth

Manuel Gonzales

Filth 12"

Wicked Bass

Gnarly sides from MGUN, what else were you expecting? "Mono Port" is especially blasted, like Terekke in a grumpy mood. "Frosted Lakes" has a bit of busted electro bounce, while "Chip Implemented" is the most widescreen of the bunch, foreboding and noisy techno landscape.

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Africans with MainframesAfricans with Mainframes

Nubian Rainbows 12"

Bio Rhythm

Jamal Moss and Noleian Reusse revive the AWM project, delivering some of their most floor-ready material yet. The title track is a massive, jacking drum break and a maddening two-note bassline, with some oscillating synth in the background. That's literally all it is, but the production line funk does acquire some of the Jamal Moss mysticism in its velocity and repetition. The B is similar broken, just the way they wanted it.

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