New Vinyl Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 7/18 - Dj Slugo, Todd Osborne, Budgie and more

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Budgie - The Budgie EP


The Budgie EP 12"


Nice addition to the canon of rare groove/hip-hop inflected music that is equally suited for home listening or warm-up sets. Budgie is formidable/session man and record collector, and it shows in these ornate boogie/funk influenced instrumentals. "Full Moon" and "Clevage" are top notch soul-sample beats, a looser, more psychedelic version of the sound that brought Kanye West to massive fame. For fans of Andres, Floatin Points.

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Shift Work - Scaled to FitShift Work

Scaled to Fit 12"

Optimo Music

Very cool wavo-inflected release on Optimo Music. "Patience (JD Twitch Edit" moves along with a nice arpeggiated bass line and some unintelligble post punk vocals. The rigid arpeggiation and early 80s feel remains throughout, with tracks like "[Less] Merchandise]" adding to the political vibe and bringing in a bit of melody. 

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Admiral Byrd 12"

Island of the Gods

Cool modern disco not disco oddity from the Mountain of One man and woman who have gone off to Indonesia to trip their faces off. The title track has a pleasing exotica meets post-punk feel, not unlike Disconnection's version of Bali Hai. Amazing, hypnotic bassline. I'm not as into the dub, which has a bit of post-rock guitar but the original is more than worth it.

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Dj Slugo - King of Ghetto House

Dj Slugo

King of Ghetto House 12"

Other People

Sensitive indie/academic/electronic dude Nicholas Jaar decides to put out a Dj Slugo compilation. Slugo continues to do what he does best. 150 BPM tracks with titles like "From the Back" and "Work Them Jaw". You know what it is.

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Todd Osborn - T-Rhythm Trax

Todd Osborn

T-Rhythm Trax Vol. 1

Running Back

When people say DJ Tool, records like this is what they should be talking about. The Michigan underground vet gives you a number of almost classic beats to test your creativity. Tom-heavy grooves, all manner of house beats, a very useful record. 

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R-Zone - Visions of a Deepweb


Visions Of A DeepWeb / Xochi's Awakening 12"


Straight-up dimensional rave business from the always intriguing R-Zone series. This sounds a bit like what Willie Burns recent breakbeat sample house mixed with Legowelt's  new age analogisms. There is a sci-fi trance/progressive element to these tracks, just goes to show you never know what will come back around the horn.

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Will to Be Well 2xLP

Blackest Ever Black

The most optimistic record on Blackest Ever Black. In other words, this is a psychedelic, mostly ambient slog that occasionally employs major keys. It's a dynamic album, apparently intended to score the slight haze of walking through life with depression. Rather nuanced mix of analog/digital/acoustic, not your typical drone record. "Someone Secure" even works in some mildly funky organ chords.

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SCNTST: Sessions Pt. 2 12" 
DILLON: A Matter of Time Remixes 12" 
BRONZE TEETH: O Unilateralis 12" 
JAURES: Tsoyberbarg 12" 
JEREMIAH R: Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit 12" 
MULLAERT, SEBASTIAN: Chant de Paris EP 12" 
DOLLKRAUT: Fire 12" 
VOGT, MATTHIAS: Maintain 12" 
BELL TOWERS: Remixed 12" 
KALABRESE: Remixes EP 12" (
WILHITE, RICK: Vibes 2, Part 1 2LP (
SHIMMY SHAM SHAM: Shimmy Sham Sham 007 12" 
SND: Tplay (Special Extended Edition) 2LP
PRESK: Babou EP 12"