COME IN! S, M, L, XLA -- A new exhibit at the A+D Museum opens this Thursday

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On 19 June, a new exhibit opens at the A+D Museum called COME IN! S,M,L, XLA. 

S, M, L, XLA logo designed by Andrew Byrom

The website's description follows: 

Historically, Los Angeles as a city has been a site of inspiration and exploration for architects and designers alike. The city has been developed around and defined by a variety of large-scale urban planning projects as well as medium and smaller sized residential and public work including housing, product design and technological innovations. Through these various architecture and design projects, the city has nurtured experimental pursuits and critical inquiry and today it continues to expand in the contemporaneous city. 

Projects are currently being developed at various scales all over L.A. from miniscule to monumental and everything in-between. Small, medium, large, extra-large Los Angeles takes Rem Koolhaas and Bruce Maus seminal text as a departure point and more importantly as an organizing principle to examine the production and discourse of architecture and design within today's city of L.A. bringing coherence to the body of work of an emergent group of Los Angeles based designers that span across disciplines from architecture and graphics to digital media and sound art, to jewelry, landscape, lighting, product, and textile design; the show highlights the ways in which young practitioners are currently thinking and making in Los Angeles in addition to their impact on the present-day city and its future.

The exhibit highlights the work of artists and designers, including Fieldwork (Maya Santos and Rani de Leon), On The Road Project LA (Jonathan Louie and James Michael Tate), Jae Won Cho of J1, Laurel Broughton of WELCOME PROJECTSNatasha Bajc, NO RELATION (Steven and Mads Christensen), Grey Crowell of the Foundation for Architecture and Design, Bijan Fahmian of the Los Angeles Arts CollectiveNONdesigns (Miao Miao and Scott Franklin), Cellular Complexity (Julia Koerner, Kais Al-Rawi, and Marie Boltenstern), Andrew Kovacs, Jonathan Louie, Evan Mather, Alison Petty Ragguette, M-Rad (Matthew Rosenberg), Lisa C. Soto, Maxi Spina, T8projects (James Michael Tate), limilLab (Filipa Valente), and Eduardo Viramontes.

A+D Museum
Image source -- A+D Museum

The A+D Museum (aka Architecture and Design Museum) was founded in 2001 and originally located in Downtown Los Angeles's iconic Bradbury Building. It later moved to Museum Row, where it currently resides alongside the Craft & Folk Art MuseumLACMA, the George C. Page Museum, the Petersen Automotive Museum, and Zimmer Children's MuseumThe A+D is only museum in Los Angeles with an exclusive emphasis on architecture and design. The exhibition will run from 19 June until 31 August and the opening will be DJed by Rani De Leon

Museum Row
Museum Row in Midtown

A+D Museum is located in Miracle Mile at 6032 Wilshire Boulevard. It is located near the intersection of Wilshire and Fairfax Avenue (where Notorious BIG was killed) and is conveniently accessible by the Metro 20 and 217 lines as well as the Metro Rapid 720. The extension of the Purple Line will mean the displacement of the museum in the future.

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