Weekly Roundup: OFF!, Antwon, Best Coast, Electric Flower Group

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OFF! Collaborate With Shepard Fairey on Record Store Day Cover

Hardcore supergroup/purveyors of awesome minute-long songs OFF! have collaborated with artist Shepard Fairey (who did the Obama “Hope” poster, if you’ve been living under a rock inside a cave on a deserted island) for the cover of their Record Store Day 7” Learn to Obey. True to form, it’s fast, furious and over before you know it. It’s out on RSD, April 19. Read more about how this whole thing came together via Esquire—it should be no surprise that Fairey, who got his start as a street artist from the skateboarding scene, is a hardcore fan.


Antwon – “Rain Song” featuring Lil Ugly Mane, production by Shawn Kemp

antwon rain songAntwon’s goth-rap track “Rain Song” builds its dusky mood over a full minute before he or cohort Lil Ugly Mane deliver a single rhyme. Antwon, who used to be raps about devotion, temptation and increasing paranoia while Shawn Kemp’s cathedralesque production drips all over everything. Antown and co. recreate the feeling of being trapped, whether that’s physically during a rainstorm, or mentally (“He built up a wall to have somewhere to hide but anxiety’s coming from somewhere inside”). Heavy Hearted in Doldrums is due May 6.


Best Coast – “Baby I’m Crying”

To show off Jambox’s binaural LiveAudio feature (read more about that here), Best Coast recorded a live video of their song “Baby I’m Crying” from the excellent Fade Away EP. Jambox or no, this live version of the slow-burning “Baby I’m Crying” is tight, with some gorgeous lap steel guitar. See her performance last year at Amoeba Hollywood here.


Electric Flower Group – “Singing Bridges”

electric flower groupElectric Flower Group, or EFG, are a psych-rock band from L.A. whose members have played with Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Secret Machines, among others. The trio has an album due out in the near future called Amorpha, and this demo gives us a taste of what to expect, with driving rhythms, reverby yet clear and passionate vocals and space-rocky guitarwork, calling to mind the aforementioned Secret Machines with a little Jesus & Mary Chain and Radio Dept. thrown in. Tip of the hat to for pointing out this excellent track and band to watch.


Shows This Weekend:

Friday: Madlib and Freddie Gibbs at the Echoplex ($24, 9 p.m.)

Saturday: Peaking Lights and Baths at the Glass House ($15, 7 p.m.)

Sunday: KXLU Fest with No Age, So Many Wizards, The Audacity, GRMLN and Monster Rally at Loyola Marymount's Lawton Plaza (FREE, 12-5 p.m.)





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