Album Picks: Dean Wareham, Bradford Cox, Pins

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Dean Wareham - Dean Wareham (LP, CD or Download)

Often when an established artist like Dean Wareham, the former lead singer of Luna and Galaxie 500, releases a self-titled album, it’s a restatement of purpose or sound. However, Dean Wareham really is the most Dean Wareham release yet, especially languid, dreamy and witty, even by his standards. The songs are milky and heavily reverbed, taking their cues from The Velvet Underground’s third album, while lyrically Wareham provides his typically engaging specificity—“This is not my home, stuck inside a drop down menu” he sings, venting the comic frustration of tech-enabled culture. On “Happy & Free,” the drums rise above the reverie to make for one of Wareham’s loveliest rock ballads in years, harkening back to the Galaxie 500 days. While Dean Wareham is short on surprises from the singer/songwriter, it’s also a terrifically concise, at nine solid songs, and immensely enjoyable. It’s thoroughly appealing for anyone who’s ever fallen in love with the Wareham’s music.



Bradford Cox Teenage [OST] (Download)

bradford cox teenageThe Deerhunter frontman turns in an instrumental soundtrack that feels like a tribute to somnambulism, full of waking-dream melodies. Space rock plays over the victrola (“Skeleton Disc Loop”), ’50s rock ‘n’ roll visits the Carribean (“Dream Logic”), Donal Duck’s long-lost cousin visits the microhouse (“Daphne Duck”) and Cox gets down with some CBGBs funk (“Paprika Expose”). Incredibly diverse and nearly always engaging.


PinsGirls Like Us (LP or CD)

Analog-friendly lady post-punkers from the U.K. Though they’ll get lumped in with NME-touted bands like Savages, Pins are more of a throwback to groups like The Slits and The Raincoats, defiantly lo-fi with cavewoman grooves and group-mentality, wailing vocals.


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