New Vinyl/CD Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 3/6/14 - Dj Deep, Willie Burns, Phonica Records and more!

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Detour 001Various Artists

Detour 001 12"


Pittsburgh's given us the prolific Pittsburgh Track Authority and Chase Smith (WT Records, Argot) as of late, and the new Detour label evidences the city is emerging as midwest (ish) hotspot for underground sounds. Remarkably consistent in style for a V/A, PTA starts things off with straightforward Detroit techno, reminiscent of prime Carl CraigMirko (who has also released on Ithaca's excellent Blank Slate), goes dark with "Arena", nestling a cool didgeridoo-like bassline within austere, Function-style techno. The young producer Naeem is responsible for the comp's most adventurous track, a gritty house track that mixes tough percussion and dreamy melodies like Omar S.

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The Citizen's Band - Smalltown BluesThe Citizen's Band

Smalltown Blues 12" 

Tasteful Nudes

Airy, tripping house EP from TCB. The title track introduces the loose, nuanced percussion that defines the EP, with a boogie influenced bass line and melodic piano progression serving as an inviting introduction. "Disrupted" is headier, with searching synth leads recalling Four Tet's most psychedelic work. "Eddy's Theme" continues down a similar Krautrock/Border Community-influenced path, while closer "Freefall" is built on a cosmic, arpeggiated theme which will appeal to fans of Steve Moore and Pye Corner Audio.

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Dj Deep - Cuts

Dj Deep

Cuts 12"

Deeply Rooted House

Excellent techno dj tools from the Parisian legend. First track "NY Beat" likely refers to Sonic Groove/graffiti techno's halcyon days with its repetitive synth lead, aggressive acid line and dungeon techno percussion. "C Machine" is similarly austere, comprised of a percussive, one-chord series of synth stabs, deftly pitched toms and killer, verb'd out snare.

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XDB - Ganivon



Ganivon 12"


XDB returns to Dolly after his excellent "Recargo" EP with fine, subtle techno forms. XDB manages a brilliant balancing act between the spacious melodicism of dub techno and focused low-end torque. "Tonik" takes a hypnotic, UR-synth vamp and places it over restless, rimshot heavy percussion. "Liberty" is the record's simplest, catchiest track, limiting melodic quality to two, huge rhythm synth lines before dissolving to modular abstraction.

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Black Merlin - New World Fantasy

Black Merlin

New World Fantasy/Ice House 12"

Common Thread

Limited, hand-numbered release from that purveyor of dark balearic arts, Black Merlin. To say the title track is dramatic is an understatement, it moves like a Jan Hammer/Tin Drum-era Japan composition, complete with slap bass. The b, "Ice House", comes from a similar 80s mist, building tension like John Carpenter's influential soundtrack work..

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Ten Years of Phonica

Various Artists

Ten Years of Phonica 3x12"


Ten years in the vinyl record game is no small feat considering the current climate, and Phonica's attention to detail, knowledgeable staff and true music obsession has kept their listening stations busy in the digital age. This comp, which wrangles amazing material from I:Cube, Legowelt, Juju & Jordash, Joe Clausell and a host of others is a testament to the store's tastemaking status. Too many highlights to list, so in short: Raudive's "Health" is a blocky, alien house banger. Steve Moore's remix of Iori's "Moon" is his typical analog perfection, evoking the moon on palm trees. Juju and Jordash's "Quneitra" has the fearless duo soloing minor/middle-eastern on electric guitar. Legowelt's "Lovecraftiannature" takes rave elements and weaves them into a sci-fi dirge. Something for every music nerd, just like the best record stores.

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Willie Burns - Tab of Acid


Willie Burns

Tab of Acid 12"

Trilogy Tapes

Hot label, hot producer. Willie Burns is back for his second release for Will Bankhead's Trilogy Tapes. The title track is a summary of what has made the NYC artist so compelling to dancers, djs and labels. It's sample-heavy windswept acid with a heavy debt to his friends in The Hague. WB takes it far out on the B, synthesizing the music he makes under his own name with that produced under the Black Deer alias. "She Left In Spring" is excellent, dreamy analog dance music, it's gauzy feel evoking a snowy day through a window (despite the season mentioned in the title). 

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