Red Bull Sound Select Interviews: Cherry Glazerr

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Cherry Glazerr Amoeba
Cherry Glazerr; Clementine Creevy, center (Photo by Rhyan Santos)

Playing the Red Bull Sound Select show curated by Amoeba Feb. 27 at The Echoplex will be Cherry Glazerr. The L.A. band, named after KCRW correspondent Chery Glaser, recently released its debut album, Haxel Princess, a fizzy, dreamy ode to young ladyhood typified by songs like "Teenage Girl."

The band plays with FIDLAR, the newly announced Cheatahs and Isaac Rother & The Phantoms at the show. It's $3 with RSVP and $12 without. Doors are at 8 p.m. Check back here tomorrow for an interview with FIDLAR!

We caught up with the band's frontwoman, teenaged Clementine Creevy aka Clembutt.

My favorite song on the album almost seems misnamed: “Trick or Treat Dancefloor.” I feel like it’s incredibly melancholy, given its title. Was that the idea, to invite people into a song they thought would just be fun and then make them feel something?

Creevy: My aunt, Bree, has Down syndrome, and one time she said “Trick or Treat Dancefloor” out of the blue, she might have been referring to Halloween, I can’t remember. I just remember going “wow cool, that’s rad.” And I decided it needed to become a song name. The song is supposed to be an experience. I imagine myself laying supine on a glowing green grid in space and hard candies falling from above, turning into sweet water vapor when they come close enough to my face.


There’s a really interesting dynamic to the album. The singles are super punchy and driving, then there are these great, dreamy tracks like “Teenage Girl.” Were you trying to achieve a balance there?

Creevy: We recorded the album last May, about nine months ago, hoping it would come out in July, and we were super pumped about it, but the release date kept getting pushed back, and we didn’t think we had enough time to make changes. If we could go back, we would do more mixing make it sound more cohesive. A lot of those songs are unmixed. We’ve received a lot of great response since the album dropped a few weeks ago though, and we’re definitely proud of the album. We just can’t wait to put the next one out!

The lyrics go back and forth, too, between being very specific and sort of introspective. It sounds kind of like you go into a trance or something when you write lyrics. Is that the case?

Creevy: For sure. We are often categorized as pop, but I believe we’re more dynamic than that. I purposefully write songs that include an intermix of simple, straightforward lyrics and more abstracted, inner-directed lyrics. I like for people to interpret my lyrics in their own way. They mean something specific to me, but they may mean something completely different to someone else, which allows them to take on new meaning. And I love that.

I heard Chery Glaser was flattered you guys used her name, that’s so awesome. Have you guys gotten to meet her yet?

Creevy: Yes! We just did an interview with her she’s THE BOMB.


You guys are sort of ridiculously young to be this good and accomplished. What’s next for you all? More albums and touring? College? Different stuff?

Creevy: Thank you! We’re playing SXSW in March. College is definitely an option; I’m planning to take a few classes at Occidental so I can do both because I want to go to college. I don’t know. It’s all up in the air right now. We’re working on an upcoming project that we can’t tell you about, but It’s going to be revealed soon!

I would love to see you guys play with The Breeders, personally, and I know you’ve played with Redd Kross. Who would be your dream bands to play with?

Creevy: The Breeders. That would be psychotically rad. I’m going to break this up into “unrealistic but a complete dream come true” and “within the realm of possibility.” Within the realm of possibility: Wild Flag, Hot Snakes, Speedy Ortiz, La Femme. Unrealistic but a complete dream come true: Ghostface Killah, The Pixies and Cat Power.


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