New Vinyl/CD Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 2/5/14 - Vril, Optimo, Terrence Parker and more!

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Vortekz 12"


Rattling, rave-inspired dub techno on Vril's first release for Delsin. The title track is one propulsive synth vamp orbited by corroded percussion and the occasional alarmist lead. The dub compresses the original idea into a cavernous, big room form, the bright synth lead muted in the opacity. Y7/10 hearkens back to the title track's high-strung energy and will appeal to fans of Levon Vincent's heavier productions.

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Terrence Parker - Life on the Back 9


Terrence Parker

Life on the Back Nine 3x12"

Planet E

Epic set from the underappreciated Detroit house legend. Terrence does two moods here, exuberant and contemplative. Most of the tracks are catchy, spiritual piano house. It's stunning how much Parker gets out of timeless progressions - on My Virtuous Woman he bangs out the hook on three different synths, yet the track still feels short at 7 minutes 30. The album, Parker's first official LP release in 14 (!) years is paced in an adroit manner, with a moody slowdown occurring two-thirds of the way through during the Friend I Lost/Hiding In Your Love/Selah Interlude suite. There's none of the Henny breathed come-ons that made January's other Detroit LP so hot, just pure god-fearing joy. 

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STL Magic 23



Magic 23 12"


Creeping, evocative four tracker from STL, hot on the heels of his At Disconnected Moments LP. Subtle dub techno this is not. Into the Rain is a plaintive piano solo stumbling over a shambolic progression. Loop A has a boxy, minimal trip-hop feel while Computer Attack could be the soundtrack for its title. The menacing computer is likely an OG MacIntosh.

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Magic Mountain High - Tiny Breadcrumbs


Magic Mountain High 

Tiny Breadcrumbs 12"

Off Minor

Excellent twelve from one of the only groups devoted (or crazy) enough to drag an analog studio up onstage everytime the play. As opposed to the freewheeling live documents that have been released on WorkshopTiny Breadcrumbs finds the improvisers extremely focused on making TRACKS. They succeed without losing their seat of pants immediacy or overall psychedelic drive. Riptide uses a 303 and interlocking synths of varying frequencies to build a massive rhythm. The resolution comes in the form of a reedy, playful synth on descending chords. Avalanche is the closest MMH has gotten to a traditional jack track, while Don't Cry For Me Argentina (No Compromise Mix) possesses the wobbly mysticism of 2/3rd's of Magic Mountain High's other group, Juju & Jordash.

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Tomorrow the Rain Will Fall Upwards - How Great A Fame Has Departed


Tomorrow the Rain Will Fall Upwards

How Great a Fame Has Departed 10"

Blackest Ever Black

It seems every week a disgruntled ex-pat (usually famous) pens an editorial about how New York has become the playground of the rich, a shadow of its former seedy self. This is the haunting musical equivalent. Thus They Sang In The Golden Age  takes an industrial age anthem and hollows it out until the saxsounds like a deeply submerged foghorn. The B sounds like a Basinski rumination. Class stuff.

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Optimo - Dark Was the Night



Dark Was the Night CD

Endless Flight

Incredible mix from the fearless dj/digger duo. Beginning with the forlorn sounds of the Pac NW's Grouper, the mix works its way into functional bliss (Jared Wilson's This Love), takes things a universe away from the dancefloor with a Florian Hecker interruption and goes on to blend the mutant UK/US underground with aplomb. If you buy one CD this year, make it this one.

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Ron Trent & Chez Demier - Untitled


Ron Trent & Chez Demier

Untitled 12"

Blink and you miss it reissue of the 1994 classic on KMS. Quite timely considering the deluge of new records seeking to approximate the Prescription/KMS template - here's that real. Two vocal tracks, two dubs. The Untitled B-side draws a line in the sand between raw and accessible and straddles it with a tightrope walker's grace. The rhythmic pad is driven and distorted to hell, but the euphoric, delicate vocal lines and syncopated piano are the height of deep house musicianship. 
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DJ KAOS: Swoop EP 12" 
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LUMISOKEA: Apophenia LP 
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MAXI MILL: Lost and Found/Speed Balance Weight 12"
STL: Magic23 12"
DOLLKRAUT: Theme of Fukoyama 12"
Y.O.U.: Heavy Crown 12"
QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT: The Effects Can Last Forever 12"
Subb-An/SAY NO MORE 12"
Orthy/E.M.I.L.Y. 12"    
James Fox/DELAYED EP 4 12"  
Jean Claude Gavri/SEASIDE EDITS 12"     
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Romanthony/TRUST 2014 (REMIXES PT 2) 12"      
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Boo Williams/THIS IS HOUSE MUSIC 5 12"    
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Dimitri From Brooklyn/EDITS 12"
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Todd Terje/TTJ EDITS #889 12"