New Vinyl/CD Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 2/13/14 - Patricia, Todd Terje, Dancemania and more!

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Patricia - Body Issues


Body Issues LP

Black Opal

LP issue of the terrific 2013 cassette from the shadowy New York producer. Unlike many straight to tape 4/4 experiments, the forms here are remarkably close to classic techno/dub techno templates; that said, the lo-fi quality that many us producers are employing out of necessity or fashion is in effect. Not a bad track here, yet Josephine is notable. Pastoral pads and tape hiss drift over brittle drums before an ascending bassline sputters out of the garage like an old sedan on a snowy day. On Plural, Patricia dwells on a terrifically mournful synth motif while techno drums rumble underneath. Recommended.

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Dancemania - Hardcore TraxxVarious Artists

Hardcore Traxx: Dance Mania Records 1986-1997 2x12" LP

Hardcore Traxx: Dance Mania Records 1986-1997 CD


Dancemania, the regional label that could, is experiencing a massive resurgence based on the pure jacking functionality of the label's music in a landscape focused on raw, unstudied sounds. This cleverly sequenced comp traces the label's progression from more traditional house sounds to the lurid, bug in the bassbin jams it's most often associated with. Victor Romeo's Love Will Find a Way is soaring vocal house - the heavy drum machine programming is what sets it apart from a King Street release. Likewise for the Burrell Brothers influenced I Dream You, an ethereal Vincent Floyd t rack. Later, Paul Johnson, Arnaldo and Dj Deeon burn it down. High quality versions, essential.

Hardcore Traxx: Dance Mania Records 1986-1997 2x12" LP

Hardcore Traxx: Dance Mania Records 1986-1997 CD


Basic Soun Unit - Lab.Our 03


Basic Soul Unit

Lab.Our 03 12"

Lab.Our Music

New one on the Toronto producer's super solid in-house label. Lab.Our 3 finds Basic Soul Unit tweaking his rhythmic formula effectively. Opener Head Long weaves several drum breaks together before a metallic triplet anchors the equation. Nowhere to Be Found and Spiraling Down are more melodic trips, the former a traditional Detroit-influenced track and the latter a stuttering, slower effort. Eminently playable and adventurous productions.

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Max Graef- Bummse


Max Graef

Bummse 12"

The Gym

Young Berliner Max Graef has been turning a lot of heads recently, this ep shows the hype is justified, displaying a producer fully in control of a rhythmically nuanced jazz-inflected house sound. The title track is a deep, syncopated roller with a delicate piano which arrives halfway through the track. No. 5 is a soulful Andres style flip. One to watch.

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Pearson Sound - Raindrops

Pearson Sound

Raindrops 7"

Pearson Sound

Welcome oddity from the Hessle man. Raindrops forgoes beats all together, these are melodic yet rhythmic synth experiments that attempt to create the natural phenomenon they are named after with modular (?) gear. Sort of a modern version of Gershon Kingsley's Popcorn, for fans of David Borden, Steve Hillage, etc. This is enough of a departure that Pearson's next step is anyone's guess.

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TTJ 889

Todd Terje

TTJ Edits #889 12"


Three of the Norse god's most beloved remixes, now on one convenient 12" record. First up, the Diamonds dub, which is still fairly ubiquitous despite having some years on it. Next up is a dubby mix of Barrabas. The b contains Terje's official remix of Bryan Ferry's Don't Stop the Dance a patient, synthy monster that whets the appetite for Terje's impending full-length.

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Joannes Albert - Serious Pleasures

Joannes Albert & Monosoul

Serious Pleasure EP 12"


Class deep house 4-tracker from this collaboration of prolific underground producers. The title track is a soaring pad with gentle 707 toms and handclaps percolating underneath. Yes We Do keeps the hypnotic pads but adds some more rhythmic synth stabs. Elements adds a slight acidic touch, but this is by and large blissful stuff.

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