New Vinyl/CD Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 1/23/14 - Moodymann, Anthony Parasole, Francis Harris and more!

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Moodymann - 2xLP



Moodymann 2xLP


It's Moody week at Amoeba Dance. Suffice to say, the legend has delivered. Moodymann is a sprawling, psychic journey through KDJ's Detroit State of Mind with the protagonist revealing more about his setting and personality than ever. Like good writing, the length of Moody's tracks (or sentences) fluctuate wildly. The constant sing-speak narrative from KDJ and divergence of styles and tempos makes the record feel like a trip down the dial of a liminal. radio But yeah, the songs. Moody gets an assist from Andrés on future classic Lyk U Used 2, a track that has Kenny ably playing a  slightly woozy frontman over upbeat modern soul. The radio effect is amplified by likely and unlikely samples. Jeremy Greenspan appears first on Have You Ever Been Lonely. Elsewhere, Lana Del Rey and Carl Craig's epic remix of Delia and Gavin are used to bear out the album's distinct, schizoid voice. Moody's serpentine 2011 hit Freeki MF acts as a recurring riddim before appearing in unadulterated form. KDJ's female counterparts match his idiosyncracies (Watching U) and he even dabbles in Dennis Coffey-informed guitar psychedelia on Sloppy Cosmic. The album, as a whole, is a lovesick ode to an unfairly maligned city, seen through the dark glasses of experience.

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Francis Harris - You Can Always Leave

Francis Harris

You Can Always Leave 12"

Scissor & Thread

Deep, introspective side by Francis Harris (aka Adultnapper). The shuffling house rhythm makes room for glacial pads and Gry's half-chanson/half-middle eastern vocal. Towards the track's conclusion, an insistent snare builds urgency while a saxophone looks seaward. Sprinkles chops up the pad into a more rhythmic alignment, adds a dubby, occasional steel drum and molds the bassline into something with the mysterious feel of Larry Heard's Deja Vu. 

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Model Human - Cruise Control

Model Human

Cruise Control 12"

Pittsburgh Tracks

The Machine Age rears it's head once again, this time as an ad hoc supergroup comprised of Pittsburgh Track AuthorityChase SmithKarl O'Janpa and Phil Boyd. Boyd is known best for his songwriting and vocal skills which spanning genres including garage rock (Modey Lemon) and synthpop (TMEye), but on Cruise Control he flows over analog disco house for night drives. The track's noirish baseline crashes into phased, percussive piano. The dub may be the winner here as a lack of adherence to traditional song structure reveals an incredible group dynamic. Swirling space echo, live string synth and a drum jam take it out properly

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Akkord CD

Akkord LP


Thuggish, atmospheric bass music with an equal appreciation for Special Request's jungle mutation and Emptyset's sound system pushing enduro-jams. The duo touches on a remarkably broad set of influences with a minimal melodic palette. Many of the tracks rely on just a couple of heavily modulated notes to fill-in mid and high range frequencies, inventive percussive approach being the primary focus.

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Amir Alexander - The Ghost

Amir Alexander

The Ghost EP

Finale Sessions

Amir in frantic, relatively melodic mode for Finale Sessions. The acid lines here are more sensual than bludgeoning, and Cecilia Bruun Hansen's vocal come-ons on Pussy Power and  Hot Sex introduce a lurid element heretofore unexplored in Alexander's work. The Borg and the Title Track round out the EP with tough, melodic acid.

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Basement Floor


Various Artists

Basement Floor 02 12"

Basement Floor

Nice release from fledgling New York label Basement Floor. High quality sounds from mostly unknown artists. Sound of Sound's Night Shift is excellent cosmic boogie/house, while Tim Schumacher and Entro & Ginseng (aka Entro Senestre of CF and Daywalker) come with Detroit-inspired house sounds. Recommended.

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Anthony Paraole - Pressure

Anthony Parasole, Phil Moffa

Pressure 12"

The Corner

Uncompromising, head-down techno, did you expect anything else? The title track is all patient, dubbed out propulsion with some clever eq'ing for optimal peak time damage. The beatless version is just as cool, the slow oscillations make for a nuanced ambient piece that will serve home listeners and djs seeking to give dancefloors a fleeting break.

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MOULLINEX: To Be Clear 12"
OPTIMO (ESPACIO): Dark Was the Night Sampler 12"
TEJADA, JOHN: We Can Pretend 12" 
VA: Pop Ambient 2014 LP+CD 
BOUCHET, SEBASTIEN: Speicher 77 12" 
MODERAT: Last Time 2x10"
JONES, WALTER: A Night in Newark 12"
STL: At Disconnected Moments 2LP
STL: 4 Tracker 12"