New 12"/LP Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 1/8/14 - Charles Cohen, MGUN, Heatsick and more!

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Charles Cohen - The Middle Distance


Charles Cohen

The Middle Distance LP

Morphine Records

Philly outsider synth veteran Charles Cohen gets a retrospective look thanks to Rabih Beani, who developed a fascination with CC's mostly improvised world after being tipped off by young Philly duo Metasplice . While Cohen's direct influence on bleeding edge music may be diminished due to obscurity (until now), the sounds he coaxes out of his preferred synth, the Buchla Easel, are as texturally adventurous as 2013 releases by Holden and Tim Hecker. The music is immediately rhythmic while eschewing dedicated drum machines. Camera Dance uses melodic triumphalism over a bed of unruly modular percussion, while Sonomama plumbs the depths like a cannon before settling into a Kraftwerk via Gamelan groove.

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MGUN - Some Tracks



Some Tracks 12"

Third Ear Recordings

Rough cuts from rising Detroit phenom Manual Gonzales. The casual, tossed-off name refers to the grabbag of styles present. The record begins with Mills -ian creaky chair techno on Extort. Elsewhere, MGUN plies non sequitur electro (Taft)The record's highlight is the weirly funky Fiber , which uses a hyper-repetative synth motif and breakbeat inspired drum machine programming to move you.

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Fairplay - The Alberto Tarantini Release

Timothy J. Fairplay, Tommy Walker lll , Max Essa , Al Gobi

The Alberto Tarantini Release 12"

Rothmans 5

Cool new release in the Rothmans series dedicated to soccer legends of yore. This one's dedicated to Alberto Tarantini, a bygone star about whom I know nothing, being a stupid American. It also represents the red hot Timothy J. Fairplay's return to the label. His contribution, The Third Season , is more of the slow acid arab sound him, Weatherall and Scott Fraser have been up to. Horse, by Tommy Walker III, is a galloping 80s inspired number, while Max Essa's Stereoscalpedmysexpool is slow, sensual vintage UK acid house. Al Gobi's contribution will appeal to fan's of Young Marco's new age inspired jams.

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Circuit, Burns & Hawk - From the Legal Pad Of

Circuit, Burns & Hawk

From the Legal Pad Of... 12"

No Label (Rush Hour)

Brilliant release from a veritable kangaroo court of analog explorers. Luke Wyatt (Torn Hawk) is in effect here, channeling west coast vibes through his fretboard and coming off like a more loop-centric Vinny Reilly. There is a nice break in the propulsive, sunny Track 1 which feels like the moment when an image emerges from a Magic Eye painting. The b is influenced by the sunnier side of kosmische music.

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Juxta Position - Vol. 1

Juxta Position

Juxta Position Vol. 1 12"

Mistress Recordings

Brooding floor-fillers from Juxta Position, the producer also known as Marquis Hawkes. The obvious highlight is Mercy which chops a memorable gospel vocal over a mid-tempo, tom heavy beat to create a meditative house track that will appeal to fans of Florian Kupfer's FeelinThe Darkness abandons Mercy's swing in favor of driving, dubby  techno while Mazuyis an impressionist IDM take on the EP's emotive opener. 

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Demdike Stare - Test Pressing 004
Demdike Stare
Test Pressing 004 12"
Modern Love
Another heavy entry in DD's Test Pressing series. A-side Fail is a lumbering, VHS-sample laden beast which hearkens back to the duo's initial triptych or releases. Null Results explores a recent fascination with classic rave sounds, snatching a robotic breakbeat loop and hoover-esque synth. The track starts hard but is slowly pulled apart. Distant motorcycles speed between the rapidfire hats.
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Heatsick - Re-engineering
Re-Engineering LP
Heatsick's second release for Pan is an epic recapitulation of the project's aesthetic (skewed casio dance music) and politics. Surrealistic spoken word infiltrates the album. Mimosa uses a chintzy bossa beat and ends in a sax solo, yet these signifiers of relaxing music are stripped of their typical roles and serve to make the music more hypnotic and disorienting. The music, as per previous Heatsick material, is incredibly accomplished especially considering Steven Warwick's weapon of choice is a battered Casio with missing keys. Emerge is a prime example of Warwick's ability to float between moods easily. The track starts with a nasty house baseline and clap, yet the refrain flips the mood completely, using plaintive piano over fluttering string chords. Closer Accelerationista sounds like 1/4" tape being whipped around at the end of their rope - a subtle call for capitalism to speed on faster and faster 'til the wheels fall off.
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Farah - Metal IreneFarah
Metal Irene EP
Don't Be Afraid
Darling Farah comes with grittier than typical sounds for the Don't Be Afraid label. Opener Cloudy Apple is gloomy, hypnogogic techno. Speak on the Spotlight is perhaps the most playable track on the record, with some moody, distant chords serving as a bed for a sweet/sour pair of vocal samples. Humming is a dramatic drone piece and closer Lockhead builds a swinging rhythm under a clipping sawtooth bassline. Recommended.
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