Show-Me Hollywood -- Missourians in Hollywood on Missouri Day

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Happy Missouri Day! I was not born in Missouri but I count myself fortunate to have grown up there, moving to the Show-Me State from Kentucky when I was four and staying until I was sixteen. Of course, I ended up moving west (St. Louis is the Gateway to the West after all) to the great state of California, following in the footsteps of many before me. For this blog entry, I'd like to honor Missouri natives who worked in Hollywood film.

Pendersleigh & Sons Cartography's Map of Missouri

Also, there's some sporting event involving a cricket-derivative going on right now between Los Angeles and St. Louis -- arguably the greatest cities in their respective states (well, arguable in St. Louis's case). So forgo your animal-style friesCool Ranch tacosFrench Dipskogi tacos, and Mission burritos for one day and prepare a feast of BBQCherry Mashesgooey butter cakeOzark PuddingSt. Louis-style pizzaSt. Paul sandwiches, and toasted ravioli as we honor the Missouri-Hollywood connection.


 Akon, Alice Joyce, Arch Hall Sr., and Barbara O'Neil)

(l-r: Basil Poledouris, Bert Convy, Betty Garrett, and Betty Grable)

(l-r: Brenda Joyce, Burt Bacharach, Cecil Cunningham, and Cedric the Entertainer)

(l-r: Charles "Slim" Whitaker, Chingy, Chris Cooper, and Cliff Edwards)

(l-r: Craig Stevens, Cy Kendall, Dan O'Bannon, and David Sharpe)

(l-r: Dee Wallace Stone, Dennis Weaver, Diane Brewster, and Dianne Wiest)

(l-r: Dick Gregory, Dick Van Dyke, Dolores Michaels, and Don C. Harvey)

(l-r: Don Cheadle, Don Johnson, Doris Roberts, and Dorothea Kent)

(l-r: Eddie Griffin, Edward Pawley, Edwin August, and Ellen Drew)

(-r: Ellen Foley, Eulalie Jensen, Fannie Ward, and Frances Guihan)

(l-r: Frank Faylen, Fred Berry, Fred Kohler, and "Classy" Freddie Blassie)

(l-r: Gene Gauntier, George Hearn, Georgia Hale, and Geraldine Page)

 Ginger Rogers, Goodman Ace, Grace La Rue, and Hall Bartlett)

(l-r: Harry Goz, Harry Babbitt, Helen Martin, and Isadore "Friz" Freleng)

(l-r: James Gunn, Jane Novak, Jane Wyman, and Janet Jones)

(l-r: Jason Wiles, Jean Harlow, Jenifer Lewis, and Jim Bannon)

 (l-r: Joe Besser, Joe S. Camp, Jr., Joel Huggins, and John Ashley)

 (l-r: John Beal, John Goodman, John Hamm, and John Huston)

John Kander   
(l-r: John Kander, John Milius, John Pankow, and Johnny Haymer)

(l-r: Johnny Johnston, Josephine Baker, Joy Harmon, and Joyce Holden)

(l-r: Julia Montgomery, June Clyde, Kasi Lemmons, and Kathleen Turner)

(l-r: Kathryn Adams, Kay Thompson, Ken Page, and Kevin Kline)

(l-r: King Baggot, Krista Tesreau, Lance "Lance Rock" Robertson, and Larry McCormick)

(l-r: Laura La Plante, Lee Falk, Leslie Charleson, and Lige Conley)

(l-r: Lincoln Kilpatrick, Linda Blair, Linden Chiles, and Lori Saunders)

(l-r: Lottie Briscoe, Lucas Grabeel, Luther Henderson, and Margaret Campbell)

(l-r: Marguerite Churchill, Marian Ainslee, Marian Shockley, and Marjorie Beebe)

(l-r: Mark Linn-Baker, Marsha Mason, Marvin Miller)

(l-r: Mary Treen, Mary Wickes, Matthew Betz, and Maya Angelou)

(l-r: Melanie Fullerton, Mike Nader,  Mildred June, and Monique Gabrielle)

(l-r: Morris Carnovsky, Moses Gunn, Mykelti Williamson, and Nathaniel Taylor)

(l-r: Nicholas Worth, Noah Beery, Olive Young, and Patricia Farr)

(l-r: Patsy Ruth Miller, Phyllis Fraser, Phyllis Smith, and  Pooja Kumar)

(l-r: Ray Young, Redd FoxxRobert Altman, and Robert Cummings)

(l-r:  Robert Guillaume, Robert Lowery, Roberta Sherwood, and Ronald Stein)

(l-r: Rosemary Theby, Ruth Warrick, Sally Long, and Sandahl Bergman)

Sara Shane   
(l-r: Sara Shane, Scott Bakula, Sean Gunn, and Stan Brakhage)

(l-r: Stephanie E. Williams, T-Bone Burnett, Taylor Momsen, and Teddy Infuhr)

(l-r: Todd Newton, Todd Susman, Tommy Rall, and  Ub Iwerks)

(l-r: Vincent PriceVirginia Gibson, Virginia Mayo, and Walker Edmiston)

(l-r:  Wallace Beery, Wallace Reid,  William Christy Cabanne, and William S. Burroughs)

(l-r: Wilton Graff,  Winston Miller, and Yvette Vickers)

 Marshall Bruce "Eminem" Mathers IIIDan Gilvezan, David Koechner)

Edie McClurg and Debbie Lum


No picture yet:  Al Hirschfeld, Alan J. Levi, Allan Melvin, Andreas Katsulas, Anita Barone,Anthony Cistaro, Arthur Morrison,  Ben Baker, Betty Lynne, Bobb'e J. Thompson,  Brian Vincent, Carlton S. King, Chip McAllister, David Burton Morris, David Rollins, Del Andrews, Edythe Sterling, Elizabeth Kerr, Elsa Benham, Eric Kilpatrick, F. Richard Jones, Frank Converse, Fred S. Fox, Harry Depp, Harry Harris, Irving Baker,  Jack Danon, Jan Duggan, Jim Finn,  John Hancock, John Stix, Jules Buck,  Lawrence H. Woolner, Leroy J. Prinz, and Lew Kelly, Martine Bartlett, Nicholas Corea, Norbert F. Brodin, Otto H. Fries, Paul Yawitz, Philip Roth, Porter Strong, Richard Shepherd, Robert Vaughn, Rochelle Firestone, Shelby Storck, Sr., Victor "Denver Dixon" Adamson, Violet LaPlante, William Fairbanks, William Gibberson, William Lowery, 

Honorary Missourians not actually born in Missouri: Brad Pitt, Cornell Iral "Nelly" Haynes, Jr., Jenna Fischer, Steve McQueen, Tina Turner, and Walt Disney, 


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