Mosaic Artist Daud Abdullah Gives Oakland's City Trash Cans Makeovers

Posted by Billyjam, September 9, 2013 09:19pm | Post a Comment

Despite all of the galleries and museums in the Bay Area displaying some incredible art oft times the best  art on display is that work that is never restricted to business hours or entrance fees. I am talking about the street art - commissioned or non-commissioned - that you can find all over from city back alleys to main thoroughfares. My personal favorite public space street art is one that utilizes an existing functional item but transforms it into a piece of beauty. Case in point are the many city trash cans around the city of Oakland, including the ones dotted along Telegraph Ave. in the Temescal district of North Oakland, that have been transformed into beautiful art pieces for the public to enjoy and appreciate as more than mere garbage recepticals.

The artist responsible for many of these East and North Oakland art trash cans, including one that is located outside the Temescal Oakland Public Library, is self-described East Bay "mosaic artist" Daud Abdullah who, as well as his passion for mosaic art, has a love for music (particularly jazz). Hence why some of his mosaic pieces include images of musical instruments. I caught up with the artist, who in addition to North Oakland also has a series of pieces out in East Oakland including on High Street,  MacArthur, and Seminary. I  asked him a few questions about his craft and what goes into it (see video above) and his latest art projects of transforming bikes with glass. You can see his work if you are in East or North Oakland. You can also see his work, including his photography, by visiting his Flickr page under the tag Brookdaledude that includes several pics of the bikes that the artist who started out as a photographer talks about in the Amoeblog video interview.   For exact locations of his public pieces or more info contact the artist directly via email at [email protected]

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