New 12"/LP/CD Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 9/11 - D'Marc Cantu, Tin Man, Ron Hardy and more!

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Mountain Range - From You Have I Been AbsentMountain Range

From You Have I Been Absent In the Spring 12"

Aniara Recordings

New heat from the Aniara crew, this time presenting some epic compositions from Christoffer Berg, best known for his work with The Knife and Depeche Mode . The a-side is a dubby, glacial climb, somewhat similar to the material on Vertical Ascent by Moritz Von Oswald Trio. The B, Untouchable , is a bit closer to the Knife's icy, futuristic synthpop.

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D'Marc Cantu - Alternate FrequencyD'Marc Cantu

Alternate Frequencies 12"

Creme Organization

Excellent new material from the Ann Arbor acid maestro.  The title track has the ominous pads and patient jack of prime Convextion material. Size and Shape suceeds with an 80s chicago house lead, expert synth harmonies and odd vocal sample. Elsewhere, the Hague and Midwest get all mixed up to delightful effect. 6-tracks, all killers.

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Tin Man

Acid Test 08 12"

Acid Test

Tin Man returns to enter the eighth missive in the series he started with the world-beating NonneoMystified Acid shows Tin Man continuing to hone his ability to draw subtle, emotional tones from the famous acid box. The track builds on the formula established by the Neo Neo Acid LP, using the 303 not as a rhythmic accoutrement, but a genuine songwriting tool. Club-ready drums, a simple bass line and some scratchy, alien synth complete the package. RVDS puts forth a class mix with a set of dueling, mid-range 303 lines and some inspired, portamento-heavy synth improvisation. Joey Anderson toughens up the slightly banging original, inserting his trademark NYC house mysticism.

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Ron Hardy # 12 - EditsRon Hardy

Ron Hardy Edits #12 12"

Ron Hardy

New set of archival edits from the deceased master. The a-side takes Blue Magic's sweet tale of lost love and turns it into an absolute disco stomper. Hardy uses the wild vamping of the original's outro as the heart of the track, setting controls for euphoria. The b-side is comprised of two awesome early house rhythms.  

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Theo Parrish - Black Jazz Signature

Theo Parrish

Black Jazz Signature CD

Snow Dog

Vinyl-only mix of material issued by the short-lived Oakland, CA revolutionary jazz outpost. From 1971-1976 the small label released 20 records - the Detroit legend proves this fire music is as vital now as it was during the height of the Black Power movement. Doug Carn takes an amazing, modal Rhodes solo to end Trance DanceThe Awakening appear several times, most memorably with the careening March On, full of wah-wah electric piano and funk-influenced standup bass.  

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Basic Soul Unit - Lab.Our 01Basic Soul Unit

Lab.Our 01 12"


White label heat from Basic Soul Unit, the first on his own Lab.Our imprint. Opener Innershell is a wonky house track, relying on a arpeggiated bass line and mournful piano motif. Frack marries the ominous atmosphere of producers like Lucy with classic electro bounce. Very cool! Earwerm lives up to the name - a funky 303 line bumping up against raw snare and hi-hat. Tip!

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Concrete Fence - New Release (1)

Concrete Fence

New Release (1) 12"


Famed rabble rouser Regis teams up with multidisciplinary artist Russell Haswell for this uncompromising slab. This is among the most texturally detailed "dance" releases to come across this desk. The duo walks a clever balance between the subtlety of a Raster Noton release and the all-out blast of power electronics. The synth sounds are all sawtoothed menace. Closer The Unabridged Truth begins with a 4/4 kick and  ends in metal on metal samples and a vocal presenting rather hopeless world view. 

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Drumcell - Sleep ComplexDrumcell

Sleep Complex CD


Epic full-length statement from the LA techno mainstay/Droid affiliate. The influence of Ostgut minimalism is felt, but a number of moods are explored. There are touches of EBM/Industrial on Speak Silence, and Empty sounds like a Caretaker/Badalementi over sparse techno drums. Still, the highlights come when Drumcell is at his most restrained. Fragmenter is a minimal analog wonder, little more than an acidic bassline with dubby synth accents. Frame Shelter's  distorted motifs and train track samples build up to a single organ stab that feels revelatory in context. LA techno at its finest.

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R-Zone 5



R-Zone 5 12"


Killer breakbeat/rave revivalism from the shadowy Berlin duo. A1 Jungle Raver may well be the highlight, working a baggy  bassline into a smoky vibraphone jam. Old school UK party footage materializes before your eyes when listening to this.

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Rio Padice - Tropical Interlune LP
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Clover Ground - Zabazza Cabasa 12"
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Andreas Gehm aka Elec PT.1 - Black Pukee 2LP
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DMX Crew - Steve EP 12"
NRSB-11 - Commodified + CD
NRSB-11 - Commodified 2xLP
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HEITZBERG THEOREM: Compost Black Label 102 12" 
MARBERT ROCEL: Compost Black Label 103 12" 
DJ YELLOW & FLOWERS AND SEA CREATURES: Compost Black Label 105 12" 
EVOL AI: Dark Disco EP 12"
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