Sunday Plays: an Autumn Equinox mix

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Sundays are conducive to relaxed habitual activities like alfresco brunches, bible study and bingo.
However, I choose to spend most of my brunch money on records and my Sunday School days are behind me. Plus, I'm pretty certain I'm immune to the bingo bug thus I spend my Sundays catching up on the records I've acquired during the week or otherwise play curator to my personal wax museum. I usually get the coffee or tea brewing and then select four albums at a time, because that usually adds up to two and a half hours, and play them in the order seems to best fit the feel of the day's mood. Then you brunch or check your email or write your blog or roll around on the floor or whatever -- that's your business.

Anyway, the enjoyment that comes of listening to records on a lazy Sunday morning/afternoon is, for me, the very definition of creature comfort. This Sunday being the Autumnal Equinox I'm reluctantly ringing in fall with these selections:
finola hughes staying alive dance film laura devil woman satan's alley john travolta fire burn soundtrack red bob mackie franck stallone sylvester
Staying Alive - The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

This year my dumb ass didn't really get around to reveling in the splendor of Summer until it was almost over. Somehow, like magic, listening to this soundtrack is making it all okay. On the one hand I am so completely bummed to see Summer go, but I've also always been such a ho for Autumn, this film and the music that completes it. For me, right now, it's the remedy to all my Summer woes. Especially the breakdown part of "(We Dace) So Close to the Fire" where it claws it's way into a sexy, fragmented downtempo beat set against a corny gasping vocal, repeating "dance... fire... BURN!" signaling Finola Hughes' slinking she-devil entrance in the dance piece within the film, Satan's Alley (see the vid below). Who knew Sylvester Stallone's brother Frank was so musically gifted? I mean, "Moody Girl" is a criminally overlooked smooth soul jammer in my opinion. 

Listening to this first thing was the best idea I've had all day.

Next up I went with the kinder, gentler submission to the turning of the seasonal wheel...

dead can dance aion vinyl record label 4AD
Dead Can Dance - Aion

I'll never forget the first time I heard Dead Can Dance, their sound totally changed the way I thought about mood music. It was around the same time that I was reading Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles which really worked for me. This album is the only one of theirs that I own in my wax museum and listening to it only makes me want to add to the family. Of all their records, however, I feel like I can get behind this one the most for a Summer-to-Fall transition piece. The second track on side A, "Saltarello," is an exemplary modern medieval romp that brings to mind blurred visions of courtesans, dressed as men, cutting it up at a harvest masquerade -- just like Wikipedia said.

Dead Can Dance - "Saltarello"

and now for something completely different...
bell book and candle tiki cat kim novak
Bell, Book and Candle - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

I got this the other day on a whim, just because. I'm always on the prowl for crazy, kooky, sexy, cool sounds for the lounge.
Well, there's nothing for it now: I need to see this movie. I'm more than a little miffed that I haven't seen it before now because this soundtrack just plain rules. There is plenty of kitschy bongo beats and and lush jazzy tones that adds as much mystery to my interpretation of what this film is all about based solely on the soundtrack as it, in theory, enhances the witchy woman vibes I assume the makers of this movie aimed to achieve. Aside from the vague insertion of the melody from "Jingle Bells" in the opening suite (I feel like it's been popping up now and again as I make my way through the record, back to front) I 'm beginning to think this might make a more appropriate yet sinister transition listen from Hallowe'en to Christmas, nevermind Thanksgiving.

Here's a little visual!

Last, but most effing definitely not least:

black sabbath vol. 4 vinyl label vertigo

Also known as Snowblind or Children of the Grave, Black Sabbath Vol. 4 always kind of seemed like such a dopey title (no pun intended) for a mammoth album so great that signified a turning point not only in my life but also, as I've come to understand, for the band as well. As much as the music of Ozzy-era Black Sabbath will forever be linked to the dark arts and Hallowe'en, the lead-off track "Wheels of Confusion" seems to me like a regurgitation of my own personal "innocence lost" after school special, which is probably why it feels so deliciously gloomy yet embarrassing and infinitely revisitable. Not my favorite Sabbath track (that honor goes to "A National Acrobat"), but I love Wheels so much it might just be my ultimate, Side One, Track One.

Black Sabbath - "Wheels of Confusion/The Straightener"

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