Our 300th "What's In My Bag?" Episode With DJ/Producer Pretty Lights!

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Pretty Lights

We are thrilled to announce the 300th episode of our What's In My Bag? series! We have definitely come a long way in our six seasons and we are so very grateful to our faithful WIMB supporters and fans for watching, commenting, and sharing our videos. We've discovered a lot of new music and learned a ton through the series, and from what you say to us on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, it's clear that you guys have too. Thank you to all of you who love "What's In My Bag?" just as much as we do! 

Pretty Lights

To help celebrate this milestone, our 300th episode features DJ/Producer Pretty Lights, aka Derek Vincent Smith of Fort Collins, Colorado. Known for his sample-based electronic hip hop productions, he is one of the most talked about producers in the scene. Smith is currently on tour promoting his fourth album, A Color Map Of The Sun, with dates across North America and the United Kingdom. In addition to performing under the PL moniker, he also runs his own label, Pretty Lights Music, which is home to seven artists including fellow Colorado native Paul Basic and PLM co-founder Michael Menert.

Smith visited Amoeba Hollywood to feed his vinyl obsession and to take part in the never ending search for the perfect break. In this one-of-a-kind episode of "What's In My Bag?" PL digs through some rare 78s and 45s and finds some really cool records. He shows off his "blind" technique for finding 78s, which involves closing his eyes and gesturing like he's a wizard conducting a seance. And his magical powers work! PL snags a copy of Woody Herman's "I Can't Pretend" from 1936. It's pretty awesome!  He also manages to dig up the hilariously titled "Wop That Wandy" 7" by the Gangsters. You get to witness the sheer joy that spreads across his face when he hears the "wicked" piano lick in the song for the first time, and then has to replay it a few more times. It's a priceless moment, and totally recognizable for all of us who fall in love with music every day. 

We can't wait to see what the next 300 episodes bring!

Pretty Lights - What's In My Bag?
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Pretty Lights - DJ Set & Signing (7/18/13)

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Pretty Lights

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