New 12"/10"/LP/CD Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 8/21 - Cromie and Sage Caswell, Helena Hauff, Iasos, Marcel Dettman and more!

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Cromie and Sage Caswell - VinesCromie & Sage Caswell

Vines 12"


First time on wax for two rising LA house producers. It's a big one. "Vines" comes off as a more euphoric, less serious Hyph Mngo , with angelic vocal samples and delayed chords ringing over insistent, human drums. Pyrex retains the drum snap, yet succeeds with a deeper, head down sound. Kyle Hall provides an amazing remix of Vines, introducing lo-fi percussion elements and modifying the bassline into a swinging, filtered monster. Ghosts on Tape aims for the floor with his read on Pyrex, cutting up diva vocals for a thoroughly modern take on the King Street template. A promising first release on the NYC-based Peach imprint, and hopefully the first of many from some new house talents.

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Helena Hauff - Actio ReactioHelena Hauff

Actio Reactio 12"

Werk Discs

Uncompromising first release from the Hamburg Golden Pudel resident, who has already built her name on freewheeling dj sets mixing acid techno, new beat and industrial sounds. The title track is an epic 10 minute polyrhythmic beater, with liberal application of Roland cowbell and clap, and nary a melody to hang onto. Break Force is similarly austere, while beatless closer micro manifesto is a crunchy  take on post-punk synth music.

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Iasos - Celestial Soul Portrait


Celestial Soul Portrait CD

Numero Group

A loving portrait of the early stages of the new age pioneer's four decade journey. Drawing from the influential Interdimensional Music and featuring a host of unreleased, exploratory tracks, Iasos stands with Drexciya, Magma and Sun Ra  as a musician whose myth-making and music are of equal importance. When Iasos channels his galactic muse, the results are pacific synth explorations, angelic organs and gilssando piano. An essential new age primer hearkening to a time when the genre was young and free of a need for functionality. 

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Rashad Becker - Traditional Music of Notional Species Vol. 1Rashad Becker

Traditional Music of Notional Species Vol. 1


"Mastered by Rashad Becker at Dubplates and Mastering, Berlin" has slowly become the gold standard for dance music, but until now, little was known about Becker's own musical endeavors. Electronic, yet fiercely experimental, his own music is closer to the minimal free improv of Baltimore's High Zero fest or Nate Young's creeping Regression project then the tracky compositions that pay his bills. The record is split into "dances" and "themes", both sides feature modular synth run amok, though the "themes" are marginally more adherent to recognizable structure. A bold release which fits in nicely with Pan acts like Rene Hell and Jason Lescaleet.

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Horror Inc. - Briefly Eternal

Horror Inc.

Briefly Eternal CD

Briefly Eternal LP


Akufen returns to his Horror Inc. alias for an long player of cinematic, orchestral house. The producer's microhouse pedigree is noticable only in the razor sharp editing of the maximalist tracks. Detroit house influence is apparent on the jazzy I Can't Look At You and Bardo Thadol , which wanders around a standup bass line. The appropriately named Crepescule mines noirish, filmic themes, placing synthesized harpsichord against a dramatic piano figure. The following track, Jhator, begins with guitar fit for hammock-lounging,  eventually morphing into a complex, hopeful house track.


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Devonian Garden 12"

Mood Hut

Chilled-out house of obvious analog descentOtcho moves seamlessly a two chord piano phase into a clever mid-range bass vamp - said bass finally falls into a static pattern in the last minute, the piano turning to wintry wash. 2N works a similar, winning formula, sounding like an ambient house take on Pittsburgh Track Authority's Untitled.

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Arnaldo - Blank Slate 003Arnaldo

Blank Slate 003 12"

Blank Slate

Ithaca dub house outpost Blank Slate introduced a number of exciting new producers on their first V/A 12". The M.O. of the new label seems to be revealing more about said talents with feature releases, hence the no-nonsense Blank Slate 003, with new music from Arnaldo. The relatively unknown producer specializes in tracks that are traditional in their components, but totally odd in their final form. Opener Sunrise Picnic possesses a funky, acidic bassline, house vocal echolocation and a moody pad, yet the track feels fresh and unpredictable. 

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Dettman, Lucy - RideMarcel Dettman/Lucy

Ride/Slaves March 12"


Big, bad techno from the German lynchpins. Dettman's track is a narcotic, almost maximal (for him) affair. A minor-key synth climbs while an unintelligible, slowed vocal sample rides on. Lucy comes with industrial, steam vent techno. The Sunday morning Berghain can now be yours without the plane ticket and hassle at the door.

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Chris Turner - FlyLOVE Andres RemixChris Turner

FlyLOVE (Andrés  Remix) 10"


Oakland songwriter Chris Turner released FlyLove as a part of a digital only release in 2012. Now the psych-soul/house track gets a rebirth on white vinyl. It's not difficult to see why - elements of Roy AyersPeven Everett and Sa-Ra combine beautifully on FlyLove. Detroit Don Andrés continues his streak with a loping bass line, moody Rhodes, and a hint of sampled strings.

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