Like Church For DJ's: Ego Crushen Interview With Brotha Reese

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On alternate Sunday afternoons the garage of the South San Jose home of longtime Bay Area DJ / music collector Brotha Reese becomes the live broadcast studios for his and his extended  crew's super-enthusiastic DJ oriented music webcast show Ego Crushen. Broadcasting live via audio and video since late 2011 Brotha Reese and his wife Norma Jean (the upbeat show's executive producer) have been opening their large, two car space garage, that is fully equipped with turntable set-ups, video cameras, a deep record collection, plus bright colorful graffiti, to both the Ego Crushen crew (residents DJ Ace, DJ Zoo, co-host/web-designer Mr. Tay, and occasional contributor Venom347) and the non-stop stream of visiting DJs to partake in the two and half hour show "where a DJ gets to be a DJ" - as the Ego Crushen motto proudly states. Today, July 7th from 4pm to 6:30pm, the studio guests will be the talented South Bay DJ trio of the Freshmen Crew with DJs Benofficial, VexOne, and DJ Traps. Since  December 2011 the show's many guests have included such Bay Area turntable talents as DJ Lex, DJ Goldenchyld, DJ Cutso (both of The Bangerz), the San Jose Gigantes crew, and DJ Toure (of the Hieros) - pictured above from a couple of months ago when he stopped by.

Ego Crushen is "like church" for DJs - a place to hang out with similarly minded people and "talk about records and equipment" and play whatever it is they feel like spinning, Brotha Reese told me in the Amoeblog video interview below conducted just before the last Ego Crushen broadcast was about to go live. Brotha Reese, who considers the years 1989 to '94/'95 as the best era in hip-hop, is a true veteran Bay Area DJ who has been diligently putting it down for 25 years, tirelessly party/club DJing and radio DJ'ing since 1988. He used to DJ for the The Dog House morning radio show on Wild 107/ 94.9 in the 90's and before that on KSJS 90.5FM out of San Jose State University (where coincidentally one of today's guests DJ Benoffical currently produces The Bake Up Show on Mondays 6-10am). Ego Crushen is clearly a lot of fun and has the vibe of an old school hip-hop radio show but with the benefits of a TV show - with video cameras broadcasting live via UStream and recording everything for those who miss the live audio/video feed. As well as posting links to archives on their website, and updates/links via Facebook, Twitter, etc.. Reese and crew also upload segments and entire shows to their YouTube channel (scroll down to see segment with DJ Remedy, immediately below the Amoeblog interview video).

The Ego Crushen crew is typically comprised of Brotha Reese along with DJ Zoo (Funk Lab), DJ Ace (S&G Music), and Mr. Tay (host, web designer, and "wearer of many hats"). Also working hard behind the scenes is Reese's ever supportive wife Norma Jean (aka La Suge, aka Normski) who is the show's executive producer and chief promoter/publicist. Their kids Elias Sweatshirt and Brooklyn Dominguez also gladly jump in and help out when needed. Today's guest DJs will be the Freshmen Crew with Benofficial, VexOne, and DJ Traps who is the current Bay Area DMC champ and as such will be going to NYC in early August for the US DMC Finals, was also a guest on the last broadcast. So what can be expected from these three guest DJs on today's 4pm-6:30pm PST broadcast? "Feeling each others vibe. We have been working on our communication without words [and] it's been really great in our sessions. We have some big plans for the upcoming year but our main focus today is to have fun and just enjoy," DJ Benoffical told me via message this morning.
Ego Crushen happens 1st and 3rd Sundays from 4 - 6:30pm PST. The next live show will
be on July 21st  with the BVMO crew. 
Visit the Ego Crushen Sessions website, the Brotha Reese/Ego Crushen YouTube channel, and
follow Reese and Ego Crushen on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Brotha Reese @ Ego Crushen - Amoeblog Interview

DJ Remedy guest shot on Ego Crushen

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