Hip-Hop Rap-Up, Week End 04.12.13: Tyler, Tyga, Wayne, Blu, Macklemore + more

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Amoeba Hollywood Hip Hop Top Five Week Ending April 12: 2013

1) Tyler, The Creator Wolf (Columbia)

2)  Blu No York! (New World Colour/Greenstreets)

3) Tyga Hotel California (Young Money/Cash Money)

4)  Lil’ Wayne I Am Not a Human Being Pt. II (Cash Money)

5) Macklemore & Ryan Lewis The Heist (Macklemore LLC)

Holding down the number one slot for the second week in a row is the new Tyler, The Creator album Wolf  on Columbia Records on the latest chart from Amoeba Music Hollywood. Chart re-entries include Blu's No York!,), Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' The Heist, and  Lil’ Wayne's I Am Not a Human Being Pt. II  on Cash Money Records.  Also being released through Cash Money on Lil Wayne's Young Money Entertainment imprint is the brand new chart entry from Tyga Hotel California which is the rapper's third album to date and features the aforementioned Lil Wayne among the many artists making cameos. Others include 2 Chainz, Chris Brown,  [The] Game, Wiz Khalifa, Nicki Minaj, Future, Jadakiss, and Rick Ross who appeared on the lead single "Dope" (scroll down to see video). When the artist first announced the album last year he had promised that it would also include a track featuring Tupac Shakur on a verse or two - culled from some lost tapes - but this highly anticipated posthumous 2Pac feature never materialized.  Meanwhile the new album title he said was a dedication to his Cali home state with the production theme of the album to be based on the samples utilized in popular 1990s West Coast rap.

Tyga's new album shares its title with The Eagles 1976 hit album whose cover (right) is somewhat similar. And even though the new Tyga Hotel California is a popular, hot selling, new album at Amoeba and elsewhere across the country odds are that it will never reach the sales figures that the Hotel California release of 37 years earlier reached.  Released in the pre-digital age when people actually bought music the Eagles' Hotel California album sold over 16 million units in the US alone. Nowadays a number one Billboard album can reach that status with as little as 30,000 units sold.

In addition to the Tyga and Rick Ross video below is also the new video from SoCal rapper Sealy Troh for his new track "G-Men" from his forthcoming Yellow Lights mixtape. Hailing from Antelope Valley Troh says his musical influence comes from the eclectic mix of music he is a fan of, citing artists like Daft Punk, People Under the Stairs, Kendrick Lamar, Atmosphere, and A Tribe Called Quest. "I'm influenced by ska, hardcore, punk, metal and hip-hop," he says. "Like those styles, those genres, I'm drawn to lyrics where there are messages about living your life, living your dreams and being free."

Los Angeles FM hip-hop radio station KDAY in Redondo Beach will be radically switching formats when it changes to a Chinese language format, it was announced this week by Radio Insight who reported that station owners Magic Broadcasting had agreed to sell the station (along with KDEY Ontario/Riverside) to RBC Communications for $19.5 million. The 93.5FM KDAY station resurrected the format (some say without giving props to the originators) of the original KDAY - the AM station that broke ground back in the 80's when it was playing rap 24/7 and helped launch the careers of such artists as NWA.

In the Bay Area tonight longtime East Bay hip-hop emcee Dream Nefra while switch gears and become a DJ when she spins "happy music" for three hours in the early evening at Shadow (Ultra) Lounge from 6pm to 9pm at Happiness at 341 13th St. Oakland. Nearby at the Fox Theater on Broadway in the Uptown district Georgia superstar rapper 2 Chainz headlines. And Sunday at The Independent in San Francisco UK beatbox talent Beardyman will be performing.

Tyga "Dope (feat. Rick Ross)" (2013)

Sealy Troh & Dane "G-Men" (2013)