Coming Out of Five Year Coma, Woman's First Words are a Wish to See Bob Seger. Wish Is Granted.

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After reading the story about the Michigan woman who awoke from a five year semi-coma with the first words out of her mouth being "I want to go to a Bob Seger concert" my first reaction was really? Of all the things to utter after that long time and of all the artists to pick: Bob Seger? But such was the choice for 79 year old Evie Branan of Flint, Michigan who had already seen the Michigan born Seger in concert and was already a diehard fan. But still even she wondered why of all the things to say after five years of silence that those would be her first words. "Why would I say that?" she laughed. "Maybe my last thoughts were Bob Seger before I had my stroke," she told Michigan Live who reported the story yesterday about Branan abruptly awaking  from her five-year semi-coma back in May 2011 and how this week (tomorrow Thursday April 11th) she will finally have her wish granted when she goes to see Seger in concert at the Palace in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Not only that but she also got an invitation to the private after party and will be riding to and from the event in a rented limo thanks to the generosity of an administrator at Willowbrook Manor, the long term care unit, where she lives and where many folks see her recovery as "a miracle." Below are the videos for live concert versions of a couple of Bob Seger's many hits they he will likely perform at tomorrow's show: "Still The Same" and "Hollywood Nights" - both from his 1978 album Stranger in Town.

Bob Seger "Hollywood Nights"

Bob Seger "Still The Same"

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