New 12" Releases at Amoeba Hollywood 4/16 - Miles, Virginia, Alexander Lewis, Carlos Nilmmns, Desolate, Zed Bias and more!

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Miles - Fainted HeartedMiles

Faint Hearted

Modern Love

Expansive debut full-length statement from Miles (aka MLZ, half of Demdike Stare and Pendle Coven). This album builds on Miles Whittaker's dub techno pedigree, but also pulls liberally from jungle, corroded big room techno and all manner of experiment esoterica. Opener "Lebensform" pits dub atmospheres against a massive breakbeat recalling a more blown-out version of Pan Sonic's transportative music. By contrast, the meditative "Sense Data" is a drone in search of a drop that eventually comes not with drums, but dubby, plaintive chords. While "Rejoice" recalls AFX's lucid ambient work, "Queuing" takes the beatless formula down into the dungeon, it's reverbed darkness blackened  by sheet metal samples. "Loran Dreams" takes things out on a positive, new-age note, its pristine arpeggios recalling Steve Moore or Ricardo Donoso. For travellers.

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Virginia - Loch and HillVirginia

Loch and Hill

Ostgut Ton

Virginia, the voice of some of Steffi's more memorable tracks, makes her production debut on Ostgut.  Steffi's influence on the EP is felt, but also the deep catalogs of Detroit mainstays Planet E and Metroplex. Virginia pulls a fast one on the listener, saving her recognizable vocals for the final and highlight track "Tangish", where she sings over a jacking drum pattern and bass line reminiscent of certain Trax classics. The midwest fixation of the record is tempered by placid pads and modern production touches, clearly placing this record within the ongoing Berliner tradition.

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Alexander LewisAlexander Lewis

A Luminous Veil

Blackest Ever Black

Beatless industrial and techno-influenced sounds recorded live to tape with minimal hardware. The ad hoc setup doesn't prevent Lewis from producing the atmosphere of enveloping darkness BEB has navigated so expertly. For fans of Throbbing Gristle and more recently, Vatican Shadow. Sold out at the source.

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Carlos Nilmmns - Cupid & Psyche

Carlos Nilmmns

Cupid and Psyche


The new mini-album from the Scottish veteran is an amalgam of roughshod deep house, sample trickery and deft neoclassical arrangements. The record starts with string swells, and goes on to introduce Detroit-influenced rhythms, evoking the balancing act pulled off by Tin Man on his Vienna Blue and Perfume albums. The raw drum programming on the more dancefloor oriented pieces is comparable to Anthony "Shake" Shakir. Those going into "Love Triumphant" expecting a Theo Parrish tribute will be disappointed; this song is, in fact, a dramatic piece for orchestra.

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Desolate - ActaeonDesolate

Actaeon EP

Fauxpas Music

A grip of atmospheric, romantic tunes from Sven Weiseman's more experimental alias, Desolate. Like the best dub engineers, Weiseman makes every chord and languorous sample into an event. Closer "Bitter Grief" begins with record hiss and dub techno sounds before introducing a bittersweet Rhodes progression. The emotional effect of the record, created by a firm hand at the board, recalls Burial's more introspective moments.

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Zed Bias and Paleface - FurrballZed Bias and Paleface


Swamp 81

The UKG veteran (Zed Bias) and rising newcomer Paleface pair up for some floor-oriented tech-house bangers. Both tracks find the producers working vocal-less late night territory as befitting the Swamp 81 imprint. The title track pairs Zed's trademark percussive bass tension with a ravey, filtered synth lead. The breakdown has this lead stripped of resonance, an acidic break before the beat drops again. B-side "Boiler" focuses more on a rolling bass line then melody, but is no less effective. 

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Grimy Edits Vol. 6Various Artists

Grimy Edits Vol. 6

Grimy Edits

Chicago to LA transplant Zernell and his partner-in-crime Rahaaan (Lumberjacks in Hell) return with a grip of killer edits. A-side "Rebound" would fit in well alongside Theo Parrish's "Ugly Edits", all driven drums, an amazing bass line and a euphoric vocal turned into a joyful chorus of singers. "What" finds the two edit-wizards in more complex melodic territory, turning outa vaguely Turkish psychedelic funk jam. B-side makes a killer cut on some well-tread source material, adding some beautiful house drums to an unstoppable groove. Top  quality and sold out at the source.

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Ananda Project - Beautiful Searching RemixesAnanda Project

Beautiful Searching Remixes

King Street Sounds

Class remixes of material off the recent Ananda Project full-length. The legend Danny Krivit teams up with Japanese production duo Dazzle Drums for a deep vocal mix of "Heaven Is Right Here" that will please Sade fans. Chilean producer Fabian Argomedo takes things into slightly darker territory, turning in a remix slightly reminiscent of Konrad Black's floor-oriented material. Finally, Sean McCabe brilliantly works in the Rhodes-riff and beat from Arthur Russell's "Is It All Over My Face" for his take on "Love Like This". 

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Emptyset - MaterialEmptyset



Coming off the subtractive grooves of last year's excellent "Collapsed" 12-inch, Emptyset returns to the method of their "Medium" release, setting up in evocative industrial settings and blasting minimal, full-frequency noise. The duo sounds out a nuclear power station, a mine and a post-industrial space on this release, and are less focused than ever on beats, opting instead for the reverberations of their industrial-electronic sound in the chosen settings. Makes the recent wave of industrial techno look cute.

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BLM - Sudden DeathBLM

Sudden Death

Secret Sundaze

No-nonsense dubby house from the Underground Quality vet. The title track is perhaps the most spacious on the record, burying a slight bass line in hazy atmosphere and focusing on a minimal melody and rainforest sample. "Chemistry" is a subdued take on classic house, using a titular vocal sample and eventually introducing burbling 303 and an insistent stab. "Brick" is the most inviting track on the EP - an abstracted female vocal floats over a Chicago-influenced instrumental jack track. Quality release, for fans of Anton Zap.

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