Hip-Hop Rap-Up, Week End 01.05.13: E-Lit's Picks N Predictions, BPos, First Light (Opio + Pep Love), Sean Born, Skillz

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The music business may close down for the holidays with hardly any new releases in early January but there are still new videos coming out like the three below.  Also below E-Lit at the Amoeba Berkeley store shares his top ten picks of the past year as well as his predictions for 2013 in hip-hop. Skillz just dropped "2012 Rap Up" but announced publicly and in the song that it will be his very last annual "rap up" after ten years and doing his anticipated year in review songs - and seen others enter the year-rap up field like popular YouTube rapper DeStorm

The videos below include the new Kev Brown produced track from Sean Born "Grandeur," and the brand new (two day old) video for the newest Hiero joint: Opio + Pep Love's (aka First Light) song "Lighters" from the duo's forthcoming debut album Fallacy Fantasy which will arrive in Amoeba March 12th. Immediately below is  the new video from SF hip-hop crew BPos for their song "Balance" (from the group's last release Pos Tapes Volume Three). The video was filmed by Inkfat and BPos during BPos' 2012 Super Hero Pool Party Tour, and the song's beat is by Aspect McCarthy (ghosNOTES) while the video itself was made by BPos member Goodword.

BPos "Balance" (2012)
E-Lit's Predictions for 2013:

As far as artists who will likely make a large impact in 2013 on a commercial scale, A$ap Rocky's album prepped for January 15th will likely be a super big seller given the amount of hype that been buzzing around him and his crew A$ap Mob.  I also predict a rise in popularity for both Gunplay and Joey Bada$$, who've been making names for themselves in their respective mixtape circuits and will likely continue to grow in popularity.  Too early to call whether they have official full lengths ready for 2013 though!

Regarding things that I'm excited to hear that will be dropping in 2013, Lazerbeak's new project with Crescent Moon and Joe Horton, Mixed Blood Majority, will be dropping at the end of January and will be the first fully Lazerbeak-produced hip-hop project since Sims' awesome Feb 2011 release Bad Time Zoo on Doomtree.  I've been a man of Crescent Moon's music since his days in the Oddjobs, so I'm sure that project will deliver.  Also very excited to hear Illogic & Blockhead's official debut LP together Capture the Sun, release date TBA, as well as Sadistik's album dropping in February which features production from Blue Sky Black Death and Kno of CunninLynguists.  And hopefully, Edison will put out his brilliant Delayed Reaction Elements album on CD or LP, so I can include it in 2013's end of the year lists as well!
- E-Lit, Amoeba Berkeley

First Light (Opio + Pep Love) "Lighters (feat. Hieroglyphics)" (2013)

E-Lit's faves of 2012:

1) Dark Time Sunshine ANX (Fake Four Inc)

2) Typical Cats 3 (Galapagos4)

3) Ecid Werewolf Hologram (Fill in the Breaks)

4) Aesop Rock Skelethon (Rhymesayers)

5) Edison Delayed Reaction Elements (self-released)

6) P.O.S We Don't Even Live Here (Rhymesayers)

7) Sole A Ruthless Criticism of Everything Existing (Black Clover)

8) Gaslamp Killer Breakthrough (Brainfeeder)

9) Archetype Red Wedding (Dekagon)

10) Blueprint Deleted Scenes (Weightless)

Sean Born "Grandeur" (2013)


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