49ers Fans/Siblings Rapper Don V. & Video Maker Nick Tannura Rush Produce Their Latest Niners Anthem In Time For Super Bowl XLVII

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Don V. "Niners In It (49ers Super Bowl Remix of Kendrick Lamar's "Swimming Pools")"

San Francisco 49ers fans don't fool around when it comes to getting work done on a strict deadline in support of their beloved team. Instant proof of this lies with dedicated Niners fans/brothers Nick Tannura and Vince Tannura from San Francisco who recorded and produced their latest Niners rap video ("Niners In It") in a matter of days so as to have it done ahead of Sunday's (Feb 3rd) anticipated Super Bowl XLVII game in New Orleans against the Baltimore Ravens for which the Niners are the across-the-board favorites.

Vincent, aka rapper Don V., recorded the track "Niners In It" over a Kendrick Lamar instrumental last Thursday night and over the following couple of days did some post-production tweaking and mastering on the track. Then on Sunday last (Jan 27th) his brother, recent SF State University film school graduate / up-and-coming music video maker Nick came up with a storyboard and a list of San Francisco locations for Don V. and a group of their friends/fellow Niners fans from the Mission District (and their cool rides) to travel to and shoot some scenes at - including Kezar Stadium (former home of the 49ers), down near the Wharf (where I interviewed them), and on the Bay Bridge.  Then from Sunday night, between school work and other commitments, Nick put in as much time as possible to edit the music video to have it completed by late Tuesday night and uploaded to YouTube by early yesterday (Wednesday) morning - all in plenty of time for this Sunday's big game.

Don V. is confident that the Niners will win Sunday and that his song can only help in bringing them good luck. After all immediately after he and his brother made their last Niners rap anthem video ("Red and Gold Everything" a remix of "All Gold Everything" by Trinidad James) the SF team trounced the Atlanta Falcons, ensuring they would make it to Super Bowl  XLVII. "I made a video and they won the next game," smiled the rapper when I ran into him and his brother around 330pm on Sunday last as they were doing one of their final location shoots over near Pier 23. That short video interview is below along with Don V. and his brother's video "Red and Gold Everything." Meanwhile above on top is their brand new Niners anthem "Niners In It."  Go Niners!  

Amoeblog interview with Don V. and Nick Tannura

Don V. "Red and Gold Everything ("All Gold Everything" 49ersRemix)"

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