"Texas Chainsaw 3D" May Have a Bigger Budget and Special Effects, but Is it Scarier?

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Texas Chainsaw 3D trailer (2013)

Opening in theaters today (January 4th, 2013) is Texas Chainsaw 3D - the seventh and latest in the long running horror flick franchise that began with the extremely low-budget, yet phenomenally successful and influential Tobe Hooper produced and directed 1974 slasher B-movie The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. So how different (better or worse, or more importantly, scarier) will it be from its six predecessors, especially compared to the original that when it was released four decades ago was billed as "the horror movie to end them all"? 

For one thing the producers have noticeably dropped the word "massacre" from the title: the reason for which I am guessing is either A) to distinguish it from the others in the series or B) the more likely reason, in my skeptical mind, that the producers feared offending the American public with the word "massacre" given this very real and tragic age of mass shooting massacres that we live in.

Compared to all its predecessors Texas Chainsaw 3D, starring Alexandra Daddario and singer/rapper Trey Songz among its young cast, was the most expensive to make. But will Texas Chainsaw Version 2013, given all the high tech film technology and 3D special effects of today at its disposal, pack that same edgy intensity of the low-budget original of almost 40 years ago? Will it be scarier? Compare the trailer for the new and original (above and below respectively) to get some idea and judge for yourself.

Meanwhile critics who've seen previews of Texas Chainsaw 3D seemed to overwhelmingly give it a mediocre rating at best. The Stir called it "an insult to the original 1974 film," while Vulture said that it "leaves little to the imagination," and IGN Movies wrote that, "A few fun 3D-aided jump-scares aside, Texas Chainsaw 3D is a generic and laughable attempt to follow the original." Meanwhile JoeBlo's Movie Emporium offered, in one of the more positive reviews, that Texas Chainsaw 3D is "an enjoyable entry in a decent horror series."

But will these mostly negative reviews keep movie goers away from theaters this weekend in a chance to see Leatherface slash and kill in 3D glory? Hells no! Likely come Monday morning Texas Chainsaw 3D will be the clear number one box office hit of the weekend, with producers promptly beginning to make plans for the next installment; Texas Chainsaw 3D Part II.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre trailer (1974)

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