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On the last day of the year, I offer you one final best-of list: The best of the Amoeblog in 2012. Over the past year, our bloggers have fervently written about their idiosyncratic passions, and we’ve corralled some of the best posts here for your perusal. Enjoy a read through what was on our minds in 2012.


-Amoebloggers’ coverage of Record Store Day 2012.


-The Bay Area Crew’s coverage of the Monterrey Jazz Festival.


-Eddie Muller of Noir City film fest's "What’s In My Bag?" (This year’s fest starts Jan. 25).


-Amoeba SF’s Halloween costume contest.


-Job O Brother’s post on Gay Pride.


-Rick Frystak’s post on early electronic music albums.


-Brad Schelden’s ongoing Best of the ’90s posts.


-Rachael McGovern’s post on the best “What’s in My Bag?” episodes of the year.


-Jeff HarrisMusic History Monday post on The Who's appearance on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour from 1967.



-Aaron Detroit’s 50 Essential Albums Released in 2012, highlighting a number of avant-garde and other unheralded releases from the year.


-Rubin Meisel’s Top 5 Classical Albums of 2012


-Eric Brightwell’s neighborhood blogs, typified by his excellent post on El Sereno.


-Kelly S. Osato’s posts on exotica.


-Handsome Club’s favorite electronica albums of 2012.


-Billyjam’s post on Pedro Reyes, who makes musical instruments out of old guns.


-Guest blogger Leroy Moore on the troubling “Push Girls.”


-Gomez Comes Alive’s post on surrealist women, Martha Gonzalez, Quetzal's Imaginaries and the politics of the world diva.


-My interview with Redd Kross


-Sherwin Dunner’s post about Louis Armstrong.


-All of Mr. Chadwick’s album cover posts — I’m partial to the “Feelin’ It” series. Click on the image to see a slideshow of the record covers.


-V.B.’s post on 78s.


-Phil Blankenship’s post on video nasties.


-Charles Reece’s favorite movies of all time.

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