Hip-Hop Rap-Up, Week End 12:21:12: Yancey Boys, DJ Shadow, DJ Nu-Mark, RBL Posse, Hieros, Guilty Simpson & Apollo Brown + more

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Amoeba Music Berkeley Hip-Hop Top Five: Week Ending 12:21:12

1)   DJ Nu-Mark Broken Sunlight (Hot Plate Records)

After releasing a series of sought after 10” singles, DJ Nu-Mark of Jurassic 5 drops his long-awaited official long-player.  The album pits Nu-Mark’s simple funky production next to a diverse range of soul and hip hop artists, including Charles Bradley, Aloe Blacc, J-Live, Quantic, and Large Professor!  Soul with a twist.  Broken Sunlight on Hot Plate Records is a triple disc release that includes a second disc with instrumentals, acapellas and clean versions and a DVD with a feature film on Nu-Mark’s life on the road.  All in time for the holidays!

2)  S3 Supa Soul Shit (Melting Pot Music)

This new import CD/LP is the brainchild of Kansas City soul singer Miles Bonny and European beat maven Brenk Sinatra.  Miles Bonny croons some smooth soulful tunes over Brenk’s equally buttery production, which mixes dreamy electronic beats with some nice soul samples.  Fans of Frank Ocean will likely lose their shit over this one!

3)  RBL Posse 20th Anniversary (Rightway Productions)

New triple CD reissue of three of RBL Posse’s old albums: Lesson to be Learned, Ruthless by Law, and An Eye for an Eye. All in one convenient digipack.  “Ruthless by Law” has been a great seller over here, and I’m sure RBL fans will be pleased with this new package.  Black C of RBL Posse also just released a new album Still Ruthless, so it’s definitely been an RBL kind of Winter!

4)  Guilty Simpson & Apollo Brown Dice Game (Mello Music Group)

This one’s been out for a bit longer, but we got the LP in for it a week or two ago and it’s movin’ pretty good!  Apollo Brown definitely deserves a strong nod of recognition this year for his top notch production work, which he lent to O.C earlier in the year for the excellent “Trophies.”  This new Dice Game on Mello Music Group joint carries on with the ill beats and raps.  Probably one of the strongest Guilty Simpson offerings so far, worth checkin’ for. 

5)    Myka 9 & Factor Sovereign Soul (Fake Four Inc.)

Still waiting on the vinyl for this one (next week is the new street date if I’m not mistaken), but we recently restocked the CDs of this album and wanted to point it out in case people hadn’t heard it yet.  Myka 9 is straight up one of the most skilled living rappers on the planet, and his strongest projects tend to be delivered over Factor’s excellent production.  Sovereign Soul on Fake Four Inc. is an album full of raw stylistic rapping that is meant to be carefully studied, with dirty beats that offer up a psychedelic old school vibe.  One to make you think, don’t pass it up! 

Shout out to E-Lit at the Berkeley Amoeba Music store for this week's hip-hop top five and the attached album descriptions/reviews above. Some good stuff there that proves what a good year 2012 has been for hip-hop releases in all its shapes and forms/sub-genres. Speaking of which, immediately below are a couple of videos of some more new 2012 hip-hop including from the Yancey Boys' "The Throwaway" featuring Frank Nitt and the late great J-Dilla. There is also the new track from Double A. B. & Dub Sonata "Sunset" that features cameos from the recently reunited Cannibal OX, and David Kiss. Note that this video was filmed by Coney Island not long before Hurricane Sandy hit.

Yancey Boys "The Throwaway (feat. Frank Nitt + production by J Dilla)

Double A. B. & Dub Sonata "Sunset (feat Cannibal OX & David Kiss)"

The big DJ news story of the past week was DJ Shadow getting kicked off the decks in the middle of his DJ set last weekend in Miami at club Mansion for playing a set that he was told was "too future for all y’all." After the club promoter tapped him on the shoulder to tell the DJ/producer legend he was getting bounced Shadow announced on his mic disappointedly how "I’ve waited a long time to play here but they said this shit is too future" over the last song of his prematurely short set - Krampfhaft’s "Spit Thunder." Earlier this week I caught up with DJ Shadow, via email, to ask him if he had any comment to share with the Amoeblog on what went down. While he did describe the incident as "really just surreal" he noted that he was not talking to the media about Miami. "I've turned down all requests, I think it's better to hold the high ground here," he told me. "I really don't wish to inflame the situation further." He has referred to the incident however via Twitter. "I don’t care if I get kicked out of every rich kid club on the planet. I will never sacrifice my integrity as a DJ…..ever" - he wrote in one of a handful of Tweets on the topic. In his fourth and final Tweet he wrote, "Or maybe it was all the trap & juke that preceded it...I dunno. I'll get the set up on soundcloud soon so every1 can enjoy. Happy Holidays!" Since the incident the sentiment on Facebook and Twitter etc. has been one of overwhelming support for Shadow and respect for the fact that he is a DJ of conviction to the music he wants to play. Follow Shadow on Twitter and look for DJ Shadow's music at Amoeba.

And finally I leave you with a new video about Oakland's Hieroglyphics crew that was done in conjunction with the FLüD watch company guys whose Classic Series Watch features the widely recognized Hieroglyphics logo on the face of the watch. This is part one in the two part series on the Hiero members titled "Meet the crew."


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