Jordan's highly subjective, in-no-particular order, top 10 (or 11) electronica releases that made the world a better place in 2012.

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Paranoid London
Paris Dub 1
Paranoid London Records

Not all hardware acid jams are created equal. The vocals by Paris Brightledge (best remembered for "It's All Right," with Sterling Void) put this one over the top.

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Fudge Fingas
Mass X
Firecracker Recordings

Russian producer Vakula released a large quantity of stunning music in 2012, not least of which was his sparkling, dubbed-out version of this Fudge Fingas tune- and the Juju & Jordash remix on the flip ain't bad either.

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Petar Dundov
Ideas From The Pond
Music Man Records

A pristinely produced album fusing Dundov's melodic techno with an updated take on the sounds pioneered by the likes of Tangerine Dream.

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Merge Records

Dan Snaith, a.k.a. Caribou, showed us he's got an ear for more than just pretty indie-tronica, with this collection of tunes melding African music, funk, and modular synth freakouts.

Purchase Jialong here:

Auragan EP

Roche's heady, smoked-out techno and deep house jams are a perfect fit for Mathematics' aesthetic. Be sure to check his release on %100 Silk, too.

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Dream 2 Science
Dream 2 Science
Rush Hour

A much sought-after and long out of print deep house EP in the style of classic Larry Heard productions finally re-issued.

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Transilvanian Galaxi
You Have Always Been The Caretaker
Acido Records

These three moody, spare analog experiments are a perfect soundtrack to rainy-day afternoons at home, or for early hours in the club.

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Suzanne Kraft
Young Adults

Midtempo house music rarely sounded as good this year as on this smooth, boogie-influenced four-tracker.

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Nick Hoppner

Panorama Bar 04
Ostgut Ton

If you couldn't make it to Berlin's premier underground club this year, this expertly mixed tour through the Ostgun Ton label boss' house collection will entice you to book your flight for 2013.

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Todd Terje
It's The ARPs
Smalltown Supersound


New For U
La Vida

Played by nearly every DJ everywhere, few songs this year caused as much dancefloor joy as these two- Terje's with its colorfull analog synth textures and life-affiming key change, and Andres' with THOSE strings.

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