Weekly Roundup: Julia Holter, Flying Lotus, Pacific Air, Allah-Las, Spaceships

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Julia Holter – “Gold Dust Woman”

Julia Holter, who put out this year’s excellent Ekstasis album, sure to be on my top albums of the year list, has contributed a track to Rumours revisited, a Fleetwood Mac cover album (not to be confused with this one, also released this year) with current artists taking on songs from that iconic album. The album, put out with the current Mojo magazine, also includes tracks by Liars, Yeasayer and the Besnard Lakes. (What are the Besnard Lakes up to, anyway? I love those guys.) This cover remains faithful to the original by maintaining and amplifying the scary space in Stevie Nicks’ version, though Holter’s delivery is more slightly detached than Nicks’ sultry vocal. Still, it’s on the warmer end of Holter’s songs, which can range from icy and otherworldly to coy, playful art-pop. Anyone remember the Hole cover of this song (for The Crow 2 soundtrack!) where she messes up the lyric and goes “one less challeoonge” all crazy? Loved that. Find Mojo at Amoeba Hollywood. (See photos of Julia Holter's performance live at Amoeba Hollywood.)


Flying Lotus – “Tiny Tortures” video

Flying Lotus has been making the indie newswires jump with two items: First, he is revealed to be Captain Murphy, the elusive cartoon rapper that first appeared on a track with Earl Sweatshirt, “Between Friends,” for Adult Swim’s awesome Singles Program. He also has an insane audiovisual mixtape out. Secondly, Flying Lotus has released a video for “Tiny Tortures,” from 2012’s fine Until the Quiet Comes. The video, directed by David Lewandowski, stars permatwink Elijah Wood as a one-armed man, while the narrative seems to try to illustrate private moments of doubt and self-hatred with stunning visuals and typically excellent acting by Wood. (See photos of Flying Lotus' recent DJ set at Amoeba Hollywood here; read my rundown of the show, too, if you feel like it.)


Pacific Air – “Float”

This new Pacific Air song is kind of like perfectly formed KCRW rock — ready for the radio, but not that radio. It’s catchy without being annoying, memorable in a hazy sort of way, and well-produced without being too slick. What lifts it above the fray is the band’s performance, which feels genuinely heartfelt. It’s pretty irresistible. The song is out on a 7” from Barsuk.


Allah-Las – “Vis-a-vis” video

Babes. Boys. Cars. Tunes. Parks. Dogs. Freeways. Hazy filter. 12-string guitar. Postcard. Hollywood. Sky. Rocket. Bike. Rollerblades. Money. Jangle. Guns. Motorcycles. Ferris wheel. Sunset. Beach.


Spaceships – Cool Breeze Over the Mountains LP

L.A. fuzz rockers Spaceships have self-released their debut LP, Cool Breeze Over the Mountains, and it’s a winner! Somewhere between the din of early Best Coast and the fury of Screaming Females lies Spaceships’ buzzing lo-fi. Drummer Kevin LaRose, who together with guitarist/singer Jesse Waite makes up Spaceships, works at Amoeba Hollywood, so congratulate him on a job well-done if you see him. And pick up their In the Sun 7” at Amoeba. (Read more about Spaceships at LA Weekly.)

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