Sunshine Prevailed and Hip-Hop/DJ Culture Was Celebrated At Cue's Records Reunion BBQ in Daly City

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As anyone who has spent even a small amount of time in Daly City will confirm odds are that, regardless of whatever season of the year it might be, that the weather in this suburb south of San Francisco will  undoubtedly be foggy or overcast. But to everyone's pleasant surprise on Saturday, October 13th, seemingly in honor of the legacy of Cue's Records  the Weather Gods graciously lifted back every trace of fog and bestowed nothing but blue skies and glorious sunshine all day long!

That lucky weather break from the norm provided the perfect backdrop to the hip-hop reunion at Gellert Park in honor of Cue's Records Daly City store that closed a dozen years ago.

"I haven't seen most of these guys since the store closed back in 2000," commented Joe Quixx echoing a sentiment uttered many times on Saturday. Quixx was just one of the many Bay Area hip-hop DJs in attendance on Saturday with direct ties to the much missed record store/hip-hop meeting place. He was also just one of the countless DJs to jump on one of the four DJ set ups Saturday to spin and/or cut up some classic hip-hop.

Other DJs flexing their skills included DJ Quest (who also provided the big booming sound system), Quest's teenaged son DJ Train, Mista B, Shortkut, the Midnite Cru's DJ Chill and DJ Chino, DJ Marz, Kool DJ Rize, Myke One (Almighty DJs), DnZ, DJ Deeandroid, and VinRoc to name but some of the DJs who collectively played nothing but incredible music all day long (lots of old school electro and a sick ass Bay Area 90's set by Myke One). Add to all that great music, good food, special T-shirts for the reunion, live art by BIZR68, REBUKER, and HERMS (who did the cover art work for DJ Quest's last two albums),  and nothing but good vibes and conversation and you had one memorable Bay Area hip-hop reunion. One of the many highlights of the day was when DJ Shortkut, who later that night was DJing at Somar in Oakland to celebrate his birthday, stopped by with his young daughter in tow. Soon after arriving the Beat Junkies/Invisibl Skratch Piklz DJ proceeded to do a killer impromptu scratch routine all the while with his daughter happily sitting on his shoulders swaying back and forth to the beat. (see pic right)

Yesterday the day after the event Frank "DJ Cue" Cuevas, who lost his voice from talking so much on the long day Saturday, told me via email that, "Yesterday's event showed me even more how you can never under estimate people's love for something." Cue said that the event, "felt just like Cue's was still open and we just took a day off from the store to go have a BBQ. People who went to the store the first week it opened were there. That's love!" So will there be another Cue's Reunion BBQ next year? Yes. "What I need to do next year is get more of those people involved with the event because Cue's was never about me or the business. It was like I said in the Daly City newspaper back then, I wanted Cue's to be like Cheers where everybody could come and hang out and listen to music and chill."

Cue continued that, "In a few months, in early 2013, I'd like to get a little pre-planning party going and see what else we can do to grow the event and have everybody experience the same energy as yesterday. More kids involved would really make me happy. One thing a lot of us older DJ's talked about yesterday was how hard it was to stay involved with the culture because of daily family and work obligations. If we could reach out and let the younger folks see what we all experienced at their age, we can be assured the culture will grow and more people will experience that same energy. Cue's BBQ 2013 will be an event for all the positive people to enjoy and contribute to." Stay tuned for details and updates here on the Amoeblog and check out some pics from Saturday down below - scroll over each pic for details.

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