The Coup Prepare To Drop New Album "Sorry To Bother You"

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The Coup "Land Of 7 Billion Dances" (Yak Films 2012)

This week Boots and The Coup, with help from some of the The Town's best turf dancers, unveiled the Yak Films produced music video for the brand new track "Land Of 7 Billion Dances" to be featured on longtime Oakland revolutionary rap group's soon to drop forthcoming album Sorry To Bother You to be released by Epitaph late next month. In advance of the financial planning of the new album's corresponding tour budget (an expensive venture especially when you have a full live hip-hop band) Boots has set up a Kickstarter fund drive to help make it all happen.

This week I reached out to DJ Pam The Funkstress, who co-founded the group back at the start of the nineties along with Boots and former member E-Roc, to ask her opinion on the new album. "It's really good but it's quite different from what I'm used to from hearing from Boots," she stressed calling the album's sound "more alternative." Additionally she said that Boots shows a lot more of his personality. "Boot's character is funnier but [he] still has the same message. There is more emotion from him and more involvement with him and the band," said Pam adding that she loves having the full band. "Yeah the band brings out so much energy in Boots, and in me, and in everyone. Live music is the best!" Because of its more alternative sound Pam said that she thinks that this album could reach an even broader audience than the Coup have previously reached.

Meanwhile in the video above for the head-nodding, rhythmically charged, new Coup track "Land of 7 Billion Dances" (a play on the 1960's Chris Kenner penned track that Wilson Pickett made famous, "Land of A 1000 Dances") Boots and the Coup live band are joined on location in Oakland by, in order of appearance, the East Oakland Turf Feinz dancers (first brought to the world by this music video makers Yak Films) Johnny 5, No Noize, iDummy, Ladia Yates, Bboy Lucid, Chonkie, eNinja, and Zulu Nasty. An outspoken member of the Occupy movement in Oakland - not surprisingly Boots made a point of incorporating a solar powered Occupy Oakland bus into the new video. Sorry To Bother You will arrive in Amoeba on October 30th and will be the sixth album from the two-decade strong Oakland hip-hop group whose political message has remained relevant and on point throughout the years.  Sorry To Bother You will be another must-have release for fans of The Coup who already have in their collections all the previous Coup albums: 1993's Kill My Landlord (Wild Pitch.EMI), 1994's Genocide & Juice (Wild Pitch/EMI), 1998's Steal This Album (on DogDay but re-released in 2002 as Steal This Double Album - with a bonus live CD), 2001's Party Music (75 Ark/Tommy Boy), and their last album - 2006's Pick a Bigger Weapon (ANTI/Epitaph). Below is another, much earlier in their career, Coup video also shot in Oakland. It is for "Fat Cats, Bigga Fish" of their second album: 1994's Genocide & Juice.

The Coup "Fat Cats, Bigga Fish" (1994)

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