Hiero Day Shows Love For Oakland By Keeping It In "The Town"

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It is only fitting that the setting for this Monday's (Labor Day) Hiero Day 2012 will be Oakland, CA. After all "The Town" (Oakland) is where the members of the globally respected, two-decade strong, hip-hop collective The Hieroglyphics came up in and, more importantly, stayed in. "We are lovers and supporters of our hometown. We have never left it, and have built a business empire that has hired many over the years. It is only right that we celebrate the positive in our own community as a form of tribute and to give back to a place that has nurtured and supported us," event organizer Tajai Massey of Clear Label Media Group Hieroglyphics Enterprises told the Amoeblog.

Massey is perhaps better known to most hip-hop fans simply as Tajai of the mighty Souls of Mischief crew who over the years, along with such fellow Hiero members as Casual, Del The Funky Homosapien, Pep Love,  Domino, Extra Prolific, and DJ Toure,  helped build the Hieroglyphics into an internationally recognizable and respected contemporary cultural entity. Indeed travel to any corner of the globe and odds are folks will instantly identify the Hiero's famous logo that was designed over 20 years ago by Del The Funky Homosapien.

Unfortunately due to his ongoing Deltron 3030 tour date commitments it seems like Del may not be able to make it on Monday for Hiero Day but (fingers crossed) reportedly there is a slim chance he may be able to make it. Regardless all of his other Hiero brethren will be there Labor Day in Downtown Oakland for Hiero Day which goes from 11am to 6pm and happens on San Pablo Ave. between 17th + 18th Streets (near the New Parish). "Members of Hieroglyphics performing Monday will include Opio, DJ Toure, A-Plus, Tajai, Pep Love, Casual, and Souls of Mischief," said  Walasia Al-Noor Shabazz - the General Manager at the Hieros' Clear Label Media company. And in addition to the Hieroglyphics first family of hip-hop there will be some of the very best of the Bay Area on stage too including Blackalicious, Planet Asia (technically from Fresno), Equipto, Moe Green, and Z-Man (who is still an honorary member of the Hiero camp since he put out a release via the Hieros a few years ago). Also performing will be the Kev Choice Ensemble and Honor Roll, plus DJ D Sharp.

In addition to all the music at Hiero Day there will also local food trucks serving quality food including Oakland's Fist of Flour Pizza Company. I asked James Whitehead, who owns and operates this mobile Oakland pizza company, how he feels about been a part of Hiero Day? "Well as an Oakland based street food vendor, I'm proud and excited to be a part of a new street festival featuring such influential Bay Area artists. I hope an event like this will further bring together the amazing community that is Oakland!" And a great part of that East Bay community is its many artists and they too will be heavily represented at Hiero Day on Monday with several art installations planned for the day.  

Further proving the point that the Hieros are all about their community and their fan base is the story about how Hiero Day initially come about. "A fan suggested it on our Hiero Hoopla forum," said Tajai adding that. "93 was such a significant year for us so 9/3 was the perfect date!" in reference to Labor Day/Monday's September 3rd date of the event. Indeed! And it seems like 2012 has been an equally important and prolific year for the Hiero camp who have already released a slew of amazing releases already in 2012. I asked Tajai if he agreed? "This has been a fantastic year and I feel like we are finally hitting our stride as a business and a brand, not just as artists," he said adding that. "Next year is the 20th anniversary of 93 Til Infinity, so I only see things getting bigger and better!"

The first annual Hiero Day is this Monday, September 3rd from 11am (performances start at 11:30am) to 6pm and takes place on San Pablo Avenue, Oakland between 17th and 18th Streets near the New Parish. It is an all-ages free event and you should go. More info

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