Local Stuff: Best Coast/Iggy Pop, Poolside, IO Echo

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Best Coast & Iggy Pop - "Let's Boot and Rally"
Insane amount of Best Coast happenings. First there was her not one, but two Fleetwood Mac covers, “Storms” and “Rhiannon,” the latter on an upcoming F-Mac tribute album, Just Tell Me That You Want Me, and now she’s teaming with Iggy Pop on a cool song for “True Blood.” It premieres on this Sunday’s episode of “True Blood,” and you can hear it now via KCRW, whose Gary Calamar co-wrote the song, as music supervisor for the show. Hopefully it makes it onto a “True Blood” soundtrack, I love the song, it sounds like X at their most rockabilly.


Poolside Album preview

L.A. duo Poolside continue to drum up buzz for their upcoming full-length album, Pacific Standard Time. Right now it’s streaming from our friends at KCRW ‘till July 16. After that you’ll have to wait a bit to pick up a physical copy of the disc. For now, enjoy the sweet sounds of this proggy, sunny electro duo’s music with a cocktail. Something blue, maybe with a tiny umbrella.

IO Echo – “When the Lillies Die” video

It’s absurd, how many great indie pop acts there are from L.A. right now: the aforementioned Poolsdie, Haim, Kitten, and IO Echo, a duo that combines a variety of influences — Asian-inspired melodies and instrumentation, shoegaze aesthetics and pop vocals — into something very cohesive and enjoyable. It’s a nice reminder of how small changes to a familiar and beloved sound (reverby indie rock) can yield awesome results. Their debut album, Ministry of Love, comes out Sept. 11 on IAMSOUND.


Shows picks this weekend:
Friday: Bass Drum of Death, DZ Deathrays, Pangea @The Echo (8:30 p.m., $10)
Saturday: Mates of State, The Stepkids, New Life @The Echo (5 p.m., $13, Pick up tickets at Amoeba!)
Sunday: Part Time Punks Darkwave Night with The KVB, Deathday, DVA Damas @The Echo (10 p.m., $8, basically just move to the Echo this weekend)

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