Dennis Flemion of The Frogs Drowns In Wisconsin Swimming Accident Over Weekend

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Excerpt from the Billy Corgan made film Meet The Frogs about "the world's greatest band" 

Sad news surfaced today (July 9, 2012) that Dennis Flemion, one half of the much loved (and loathed or misunderstood by some), longtime Milwaukee sibling, quirky rock band known as The Frogs, has died - the victim of swimming accident over the weekend in Racine, WI’s Wind Lake as reported by the Matador Records website.

Formed in 1980 along with his brother Jimmy Flemion, The Frogs may never have quite reached the level of fame that they deserved but the incredibly prolific and twisted sense of humor band (known for such things as their "wings and wigs" outfits on stage) did gain a cult status and, over the years, counted among their dedicated legions of admirers such well known fans as Kurt Cobain, Beck, Eddie Vedder, and Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins (perhaps their biggest ambassador) who dubbed them "the world's greatest band" and even made a movie, Meet The Frogs, about them (see clip above). Corgan also performed with The Frogs many times including on a Lollapallooza tour and in the 1994 concert clip below at The Double Door in Chicago, Illinois when he joined them on "I Only Play For Money." For more on the band read the Matador website report or visit The Frogs

The Frogs with Billy Corgan "I Only Play 4 Money" (Live, 1994)

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