Thanks for Supporting the 5th Annual Amoeba Art Show!

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Amoeba Art Show 2012 Oakland
All photos by Kaitlin Layher.

On Friday, May 4th, Amoeba celebrated the diverse talents of the Amoeba family with over 20 Amoeba artists from all three of our stores (and even a few Amoeba graduates) at the fifth annual Amoeba Art Show.

Finding the perfect location for the event turned out to be a breeze as former Amoebite Ryan Stark
Ryan Stark
generously donated the site of his future cafe Black Spring on Telegraph Avenue in Oakland. The cafe isn't scheduled to open until mid-summer after Ryan gets back from touring with his band ++++ (you can see them play at The New Parish with Ceremony on May 27th, by the way), so the spacious and empty future home of Black Spring was ideal for filling with art, DJs, and friends of Amoeba. Ryan even provided a special drip coffee preview for those curious about what's to come in a few months and spoke about plans to feature a new artist every month on the walls of Black Spring.

Guests arriving to the Art Show were greeted by The Postcard Machine (Possibly From The Future), who dispensed original art postcards for just $2. This crafty "machine" also made small talk via microphone to passers-by. Inside, the joint was jumping from 6pm to 11pm, and was punctuated by a couple of performances by glamorous belly dancers Julie Rea and Jessie Loring.

  The Postcard Machine (Possibly From The Future)

Julie Rea and Jessie Loring

DJ Spencer
As DJs Spencer, Rob, and Michael Henning played all vinyl sets (of course) and vegan cupcakes (works of art themselves)were sold by Fat Bottom Bakery, guests
DJ Michael Henning
perused the diverse collection of Amoebite art that adorned the walls of the entry hallway and main room. The range in both style and format throughout the collection was truly stunning, from collage and mirror work by Dereck Donohue to oil painting on wood by Lori Beth Katz to a surfboard collaboration by Billy Sprague and Shahram Imen to photography by Gabriel Wheeler, Kaitlin Layher, Kelly Sweeney Osato, Roberto, Jonah Tice, and Rick Frystak.

But why describe the sublime when it was meant to be experienced? Please enjoy these photos from the fifth annual Amoeba Art Show.

Billy Sprague and Shahram Imen Dereck Donohue

Lori Beth Katz Yuka
Kailtlin Layer Luciano Talpini Aita
Kindle Pszanowski

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