KFJC's 32nd Annual Month of Mayhem Packed With Must-Hear Radio Specials

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It's already one week into May which means it's already one week into the Month of Mayhem at the revered Bay Area institution that is radio station KFJC 89.7 FM  in Los Altos Hills. "We're really proud of our annual Month of Mayhem station tradition," said spokesperson Jennifer Waits from the highly respected student and volunteer-run Foothill College radio station, noting how each May since 1981 that KFJC DJs have been pulling out all the stops when they craft a rich range of specials on a variety of topics.

Indeed in light of the danger that so many community radio stations across the US like KFJC have found themselves in of late (see KUSF story) it seems more important than ever to embrace and appreciate the truly unique radio stations like the 53 year old KFJC which is always a treat to tune into at anytime. But during Mayhem month KFJC is even better than usual.

Over the weekend I found myself tuning in to see what audio treat was on and catching such specials as a really excellent and most unique Elvis Presley special on Saturday that steered clear of the well known hits by "The King" but instead offered an offbeat look at Presley's music and its influence. That Elvis Presley special is one of approximately sixty different special programs planned for the Month of Mayhem.

Others include ones on John Cage, the History of Noise, 24 non-stop hours of Sun Ra, the saxophone in surf music, and a look at international psych music. "There will also be some live performances, guest DJs, and 24-hour marathon specials," added Waits who will be doing a special herself. "I'm excited to be doing a special edition of the Jazz Collective in which Patty Waters will join me as a guest DJ on May 11th from 10am to 2pm," said Waits.

The South Bay radio station's program describes the Mayhem 2012 schedule as including, "music genre-specific specials focused on extreme prog, doom & sludge, 1960s and 70s psychedelia from around the world, and noise. Additionally, there will be several 24-hour specials devoted to James Brown, Fela Kuti, Sun Ra, and deceased artists ("Day of the Dead"). A few specials investigate instruments, including the saxophone in surf music, the lap piano (jazz guitar), and the Hammond B-3 organ. Label specials will explore the output of Touch & Go Records, Man's Ruin, and 100% Pure (to name a few). Other programs will delve into the careers of various artists, ranging from John Cage to Hank Williams to Weasel Walter to Tiny Tim."

Regular KFJC listeners will especially appreciate the several specific tributes to departed KFJC DJs such as the late great DJ Spiderman (the beloved KFJC DJ born Ken Hamilton who was killed in a car accident in 2000) via the "Monday Beatdown" which will recreate a show in the style of former KFJC DJ who championed underground hip hop and also drew musical linkages across a range of genres and was highly supportive of local artists. Tune in at anytime this month and who knows what you might catch - from "whimsical themes like breakfast foods, summer songs, and spoken musical interludes" to the more serious such as talk shows on "radical political movements" from the station that has long brought the world Dave Emory's long running politically charged radio show. The live performances sprinkled into the schedule throughout the month of Mayhem will include sets by DJ Female Convict Scorpion and Will Sprott of Mumlers.
The KFJC Month of Mayhem continues through the end of the month, Midnight on Thursday May 31st. The complete Mayhem calendar can be viewed here. And tune in to KFJC at 89.7 FM in the San Francisco Bay Area and online here.

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