San Francisco's "Russian Embassy" is a House of Legends

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house of legends russian embassy fulton street alamo square Some know San Francisco’s Westerfeld Mansion as the “Russian Embassy,” the site of an infamous brothel run by Czarist Russians in the 1920s. Some know it as a ramshackle boarding house for Fillmore district jazz performers of the 1950s. Most remember it as the magical crash pad of 1960’s counterculture luminaries that inspired Tom Wolfe, Janis Joplin, Ken Kesey, Anton LaVey, Bobby Beausoleil, and Kenneth Anger alike to fly their freak flag from the turrets of this Victorian palace.

For all of us who have wanted to know what mysteries Invocation of my demon brother kenneth anger house of legendsare contained within the walls of this Alamo Square manion, F for Fake Pictures brings you House of Legends, a feature-length documentary that explores the making of a legend by investigating the history and the myths behind San Francisco's Historical Landmark #135. 123 years in the making, the Westerfeld Mansion has a brilliant story to tell through many of its famous, infamous, and colorful inhabitants and visitors over the past 12 generations.

House of Legends features interviews with former tenants, visitors, and experts such as Fayette Hauserbobby beausoleil house of legends russian embassy fulton street san francisco (photographer and original member/costumer of gender-bending 1960’s troupe The Cockettes), Charles Fracchia (San Francisco Historian and co-founder of Rolling Stone Magazine), John Handy (Grammy-nominated jazz legend of the Fillmore), current owner James Siegel, and so many more!

House of Legends is currently in production and is the only film to date that focuses on this historic mansion. House of Legends is currently raising production funds and needs your help to reach completion. As they say, "This is an opportunity to connect with and preserve a cultural landmark by making a financial pledge that will directly contribute to immortalizing one of San Francisco's most fabulous landmarks." 

Fundraising ends May 2nd
, so visit to become part of the legend TODAY!

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