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The new album by Grimes was finally released last week. I was seriously counting down the weeks for this and the new album by Trust out this week.  They are sort of like my Zola Jesus and Cold Cave of this year. Those albums were two of my favorites from 2011. And I can tell you for sure that Grimes and Trust will both be in heavy rotation in my life this year. Grimes is Claire Boucher from Montreal. She is fantastic and you should get to know this album. She has a bit of the baby voice. Which can be annoying in person. But it works for me on this album. Reminds me at times of The Cranes. Visions is her third album and her first on 4AD. Her first two albums have just been reissued as well. But they really are not as great as this new album. It falls on the dark side of things for sure. And is just a lovely little album.

The debut album from Trust has one of the most interesting album covers of the year so far. This is not the French metal band from the 70's with the same band name. This is the Trust from Canada who just released their synth pop dark wave album on Arts & Crafts. Trust is Robert Alfons and Maya Postepski from the band Austra. This dudes voice is amazing. I can't get over it. Like a mix of Clan of Xymox and Bronski Beat. Maybe with some Kermit the Frog mixed in there. It is that good. I have been really anticipating this album after hearing a couple of the singles. And it does not disappoint. Like albums from The Knife and Cold Cave it is a solid dark wave synth album. There are stand out tracks on this album for sure. But it really holds together as a complete fantastic debut album. I still can't figure out that cover art. I can't stop staring at it. It is dark and mysterious and spooky. Just like the music. It is entirely unique and I have not seen anything quite like it. Just like the album. I am loving it. Whatever it is.

Here is the album cover by Trust for their new album Trst...

There have been a bunch of great albums out the last couple of weeks. A New album from Hunx! You may know Hunx from Hunx & His Punx and Gravy Train. I have been loving whatever this dude puts out over the last couple of years. And this new album is no exception. It might be my favorite yet. Hairdresser Blues is out now on Hardly Art. And Hardly Art has been putting out some fantastic stuff lately. They can do no wrong.

Another one of my favorites from the last couple of weeks is the new album from Frankie Rose. Frankie Rose is of course from the Vivian Girls. She is exploring a more shoegaze type of sound with this new album. Insterstellar is out now from Slumberland, my other favorite label of the moment. This album is just great.  It is incredibly catchy. A perfect little album.

Another great album is just around the corner. RVNG International is releasing the new album from Julia Holter. Ekstasis is out next week on March 6th. I am sure this album will also end up being one of my favorites this year. Reminds me of Joanna Newsom. It is dreamy and beautiful. Check it out.

out 2/21...


I Am Gemini
by Cursive

by Field Music


by Grimes

How About I Be Me And You Be You
by Sinead O'Connor

perfume genius

Put Your Back N 2 It
by Perfume Genius

frankie rose

by Frankie Rose

sleigh bells

Reign of Terror
by Sleigh Bells


Something Rain
by Tindersticks

out 2/28...

dirty three

Toward The Low Sun
by Dirty Three

disappears pre language

Pre Language
by Disappears

All Of Me
by Estelle

hunx hairdresser blues

Hairdresser Blues
by Hunx


Slideshow Effect
by Memoryhouse

by Mouse On Mars

The Wall [Experience Edition]
by Pink Floyd

school of seven bells

by School Of Seven Bells


by Trust

minimal wave tapes

Minimal Wave Tapes Vol. 2

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