my top ten movies of 2011...

Posted by Brad Schelden, January 7, 2012 01:45pm | Post a Comment
I finally got my best movies of 2011 list finished. I thought I was really behind this year since it was already January 7th. But it seems that I also posted my top movies of 2010 on January 7th. So it must be meant to be. I am still a bit behind and have not seen everything that I wanted to see yet. I really want to see We Need To Talk About Kevin, Warrior, A Separation and Young Adult. Those might have ended up in my list but I really can't be sure. I also really liked The Muppets and Tree of Life which almost ended up in my list. I did cheat and do a top 12 last year. But I thought I should keep to only ten this year. These 10 movies are the movies that I fell in love with this year. I saw them all in the theater which I still think is the best place to see movies. These are the movies that I can't stop thinking about. The movies that I can't wait to see again...

The Artist
Michel Hazanavicius

Nicolas Winding Refn

The Skin I Live In
Pedro Almodovar

Mike Mills

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
David Fincher

Paul Feig

Midnight In Paris
Woody Allen

Andrew Haigh


Steve McQueen

Attack The Block
Joe Cornish

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