Go Niners: Rappers Support Their Team With New 49ers Rap Anthems for Today's Big Game

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Even those Bay Area residents who are normally non-plussed about sports can't ignore the excitement brewing in the days/hours lead up to today's important hometown football game when the San Francisco 49ers host the New York Giants in the NFC championship at 3pm (6pm EST) at Candlestick Park. This game is of nail-biting importance for football fans in the Bay since it offers a shot at the Super Bowl for their beloved Niners who are the underdog in today's sold-out game. Artists feeling this excitement that had to express their feelings via hip-hop include such local rap artists as Bailey and his uplifting 49er rap anthem "Who's Got It Better Than Us" and San Francisco collective of Equipto, Baldhead Rick, Shag Nasty, Curt Sak, Ike Plump and Sellassie who, with production from JDef, under the name S.C.O. (Solidarity Co Op) have collaborated on the "49ers Anthem" song "Faithfully" (Solidarity Records). The video for the song above, which was shot in part at The Ave Bar on Ocean Ave in San Francisco, was made by Tony Rain for Strive Films while the song can be downloaded for free here.

Early this morning I caught up with longtime SF hiip-hop head and "Faithfully Niners Anthem" producer JDef (aka self-described "old school JDEF from KCSF/Bomb Mag./Rymskeme/KNT days!") to ask him how he and the guys got the idea for the song and how to structure it? "Basically, I had had this idea for a while. Sampling the Journey song for a Forty-Niner song just seem to go together perfectly. I wanted to really try and get working on it after the Philly game," he explained. "But it kept getting pushed back because of other things and plus I was getting caught up in the moment of each win. I always had Equipto in mind and wasn't sure who else to put on it, I just knew they had to be a "FORTY-NINER FAITHFUL". So one day, I had a recording session with Nim-One (F.M.D. of FM2O) at my studio and we were working on a song feat. Equipto.

Queezy came through and when we were leaving I told him about the track and he was HELLA down! He basically said, email it to me, I think I did the next day. Once it got in Equipto's hands he texted me asking who else was on the track and I told him that I wasn't sure yet, So, he told me that he was gonna be at Skitz's (The Sco-Journers) studio and that he was gonna work on the song w/ some folks. I asked him who and he said, Curt Sak, Shag Nasty, Sellassie, Ike Plump and Baldhead Rick."

The song was done the first week in January and posted online "right before the Saints game" said JDef. "And once they won we knew we had to try and do a video. Me and Queezy never spoke about doing a video but I think we were both on the same page because he hit me up on the Sun or Mon after the Saints game saying that we were gonna do a video at Candlestick on Wed. I said cool and asked him who was gonna do the video? He said Tony Rain, and I was like UH-OH! I've been a fan of Tony's work with Bored Stiff and Rick Flare! So, we actually had to move the video shoot day to Tuesday and there it was. Once Tony got all the footage he worked his magic and got it done by Friday (the Friday before the Giants game) and posted it up on YouTube. Honestly, I wasn't even sure if I should do the track initially because Bailey had dropped "Who Got It Better Than Us?" with a dope ass video and everything [scroll down to see video that]. But in the end I just wanted to do a Niner tribute song to show folks my love for my home team. I think Equipto, Baldhead Rick, Shag Nasty, Curt Sak, Ike Plump, Sellassie, & Tony Rain feel the same. We just love our team and our City and we really appreciate all the love and attention that the song/video has gotten!"

For live music at Candlestick Park today will be Bay Area rock trio Train who also performed at the San Francisco Giants 2011 Opening Day. Train, who are best known for their mega pop hit single "Hey, Soul Sister," are scheduled to perform their hit "Save Me San Francisco" prior to today's game. The game, which starts at 3pm on the West Coast, will be televised nationally on Fox TV and the winner will represent the NFC in Super Bowl XLVI in two weeks on February 5 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. Go Niners!


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