Amoeba's Youtube Playlist of the Best Music of 2011

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Youtube asked us to create a playlist of our favorite music of 2011. That's a pretty big task given how much music we all loved this year. We tried to keep it as close to 20 videos as we could (but we ended up with the random number of 22 faves). Check out our little intro video and then dive into our playlist...

Zola Jesus
Zola Jesus
Sacred Bones

 continued Zola Jesus' evolution to full-fledged goth pop star, with dance beats and hooks underpinning her freaky awesome voice.

Anti- / Epitaph

Malian Touareg band Tinariwen are joined by Kyp and Tunde from TV on the Radio on this beautiful single.

Girls Father Son Holy Ghost

Father Son Holy Ghost
True Panther Sounds

This album's a grower, but soon its strange pop diversions, like on the Hawaiian shirt style late Beach Boys "Honey Bunny," sink their teeth in.

Past Life Martyred Saints 
Southerrain Transmissions

An artist we discovered through her What's In My Bag? video shoot. EMA's electro-dusted, emotional singer-songwriter material hearkens back to Suzanne Vega, early Liz Phair & PJ Harvey without slapping "'90s" on it.

Childish Gambino
Childish Gambino


You may know him from his acting/writing gigs on TV, but Childish Gambino is the real deal. His latest album, CAMP, is his 5th full-length.

Black Keys El Camino
The Black Keys
El Camino

A simple concept for "Lonely Boy," but the video is so entertaining. Not to mention it's an incredibly catchy rock song.

D. Willz
2Fresh Entertainment

Oakland MC D.Willz released an atypical hip-hop music video for his song "Watermelon." The song is great, and the video's concept is refreshing.

John Maus
John Maus
We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves

It's like someone left their Tangerine Dream & New Order tapes in the wash and out came a perfectly fused, gauzy amalgam of new age floweriness + pop.

Bon Iver
Bon Iver

Bon Iver

Many, many of our staff listed this record in their most recent Music We Like lists. Too beautiful an album not to include in this list.

Charles Bradley
Charles Bradley

No Time For Dreaming
Daptone Records

Daptone Records has a knack for finding soul artists who blossom late in life, for which we are very, very thankful.

Fucked Up
Fucked Up
David Comes to Life

Epic post-hardcore concept album about a nihilistic young couple. And it works. Another staff Music We Like fave.

Raphael Saadiq
Raphael Saadiq

Stone Rollin'

Soul music archaeologist Raphael Saadiq returned with another pinpoint R&B tribute blast in Stone Rollin'. These tracks are infectious.

Crystal Stilts
Crystal Stilts

In Love with Oblivion

If you like all things spacey, reverby, ominous and still pop-oriented, Crystal Stilts are a godsend. This album is their strongest set of songs yet.

Drums Portamento
The Drums

French Kiss Records

On Portamento, The Drums create high-speed yet low-key jams inspired in spirit by '60s surf pop and in sound by '80s new wave bands.

Software Recording Co

Official video for drone artist Daniel Lopatin under his Oneohtrix guise.

little Dragon Ritual Union
Little Dragon
Ritual Union

Little Dragon's star has been rising, especially with Yukimi Nagano's collaborations with Gorillaz. Ritual Union is their most direct statement yet.

Yelle Safari Disco Club

Safari Disco Club
Downtown Records

Her voice, the electro-pop production, and the happy bounce of her music draws you in and keeps you hooked.

Leyland Kirby
Leyland Kirby
Eager To Tear Apart The Stars
History Always Favours The Winners

More sadness from the Caretaker, beautiful dark ambient sounds. Kirby consistently turning darkness into light.

Throwing Snow
Throwing Snow

Sneaker Social Club

Shadower is a modern take on classic, early '90s UK rave music and editor Ruairi has used footage from that era to take give you a visual time warp.

Falty DL
Falty DL
You Stand Uncertain
Planet Mu

Hazy 2-step meets slo-mo house. Falty DL provides a very personal longplayer for Planet Mu really allowing his voice to shine through.

Gil Scott-Heron Jamie XX
Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie XX
We're New Here
XL Recordings

Jamie xx (of The xx) remixes poet/musician Gil Scott-Heron's last full-length release before his passing this year.

Achterbahn d'amourAchterbahn D'Amour
"Trance Me Up (I Wanna Go Higher)"
Acid Test

Soaring synth tinged acid house rawness from the Berlin based duo. Iron Curtis and Edit Piafra present their sophomore release on Acid Test.

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