Fall 2011 San Francisco Underground Short Film Festival Presented by Peaches Christ & Sam Sharkey, 11/19 in SF!

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The Fall 2011 San Francisco Underground Short Film Festival (SFUSFF), presented by Peaches Christ and Sam Sharkey, hits the Victoria Theatre on Saturday, November 19th!  

SFUSFF is dedicated to supporting underground cinema from Bay Area filmmakers. This raucously, thrilling evening will include 33(!) short films spread out over two programs:  
ACT 1 begins at 7:30pm and ACT 2 (Shorts After Dark) at 10:30pm.
Tickets are $15 for each individual program, $20 for both, and Peaches Christ Fan Club members will receive a $2 discount offer. Buy tickets and become a member at!

The SFUSFF will be a physically immersive event with Christ and Sharkey kicking off the night with a Live Rock Show, followed by special appearances from some of the filmmakers themselves and the stars of the films. What’s special this season is ACT 2 of the evening, or as it’s called this season, Shorts After Dark. This 2nd program will feature the more adult content of the festival (basically all the blood and sex), so you know you have to stay for both!

SFUSFF celebrates the underground, overlooked, avant-garde, and ultra outrageous films of the Bay Area. SFUSFF has run since 2003 as the concluding event of the Midnight Mass screening series, which began in 1998.

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