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this mortal coilIt looks like we are in the middle of November. I hope you all are ready. The releases keep coming throughout this month. But will soon be slowing down a bit. It has been a busy couple of months. We now need to all take some time and cherish these music releases and give them the time that they deserve. You might need to go back a couple of months and catch up on some new releases you have missed. Or spend some more time with some of the albums that you just didn't have time to listen to. I know that is how I feel. I am in the middle of compiling my top 50 albums of the year. And probably more than half the list will be filled with albums out the last couple of months.

I finally broke open my This Mortal Coil Box set today and I couldn't be happier. I still think it is a bit too expensive for what you get. But it is almost worth it. I guess. I do love This Mortal Coil. I have loved them for so long and spent so much time with these three albums over the last 20 years or so. I guess they deserve me spending some money on them after all they have done for me. I can't really imagine getting through the 90's without This Mortal Coil. They were this mortal coilreally not like much else that I listened to. But I needed them. These albums helped me go to sleep at night. They helped me get through the rough times and heartache. The albums are all dark and dreamy. But I never looked at these albums as depressing. There are actually some pop songs on these albums too. They are just all beautiful pieces of art. The artwork is amazing and perfect. And the songs flow great on the albums. I think I actually picked up my first This Mortal Coil album based solely on the artwork. And I may have actually gotten into This Mortal Coil before The Cocteau Twins and Dead Can Dance. This Mortal Coil was sort of like my gateway drug to 4AD. It was all over at that point. I was hooked for life on 4AD. I posted some info on preordering the box set last month. Here is the info on the This Mortal Coil box set preorder. However, It is of course out now. And I am proud to be in the same company of those of you who preordered the box. I did give you a chance to get it early! We are currently sold out of the box at Amoeba Hollywood. But hopefully will be getting more stock in the next couple of weeks. The albums sound fantastic. Just as great as you remember but better.

atlas sound
Atlas Sound also just put out a new album. Atlas Sound is the solo version of Bradford Cox of Deerhunter. I really have not given this new Atlas Sound album enough time yet. But it is a fantastic album. I would expect nothing less from this guy. I have been interested in this dude for a while now. Here is my review of Let The Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel from the blog back in February of 2008. He also released Logos in 2009 as Atlas Sound. And has just put out Parallax. I do love the album cover. One of my favorites of the year. Very simple. But I think it is perfect cover for this album. The album is dreamy and a bit weird. Exactly what I would expect from this dude. He is like a dream pop crooner. It might take a couple listens to grow on you. But you will love it.

Check out "Lightworks" by Atlas Sound from the new album Parallax...

Yet another album has been released to make me fall in love with Sweden even more. I am a huge fan of the Radio Dept. So I was of course excited to find out that two of its members were starting up a new band called Korallreven. Johan Duncanson and Daniel Tjader are Korallreven. They have been slowly releasing some singles over the years. But the full length album has finally just been released. An Album by Korallreven is worth the wait. Another fantastic dream pop album from Sweden for us to enjoy. Another reason for me to be obsessed with Sweden.

Check out the first song on the album "As Young As Yesterday" by Korallreven from An Album by Korallreven...

I am still hoping for another Sigur Ros album at some point. I love Jonsi. But I was a bit disappointed with his solo album. It just had me hoping for a new Sigur Ros album. So we don't really have a new album by Sigur Ros. But this is close enough. They have just released Inni. A live album. But a live album is almost better than a studio album by Sigur Ros. If you have ever seen Sigur Ros live then you know what I am talking about. They are amazing live. It is a visual experience as much as an audio experience. So this new live album of course comes with a DVD. There are three different ways that you can choose to own this new album. There is an LP version that comes with the 2LP live album and then also with the DVD. There is a Blu-ray version in Blu-ray packaging that comes with the Blu-ray and then also the 2CD. Then there is a CD version in CD packaging that comes with the 2CD and the DVD. I actually wish that there was a fourth version that came with the LP and the Blu-ray. The first pressing of the LP is on clear vinyl so I recommend that you get your copy sooner rather than later. And yes the album is just as great as you would expect it to be. If you love Sigur Ros then you will love this live album. I have not had a chance to watch the Blu-ray yet. But the audio portion of this album is fantastic.

also out 11/8...

by Atlas Sound

Crazy Clown Time
by David Lynch

Humor Risk
By Cass McCombs

by Oneohtrix Point Never

Carrion Crawler/Dream
by Thee Oh Sees

This Mortal Coil [Box Set]
by This Mortal Coil

Smoke Ring For My Halo [Deluxe Edition]
by Kurt Vile

also out 11/15...

by Childish Gambino

Radiant Door
by Crystal Stilts

Both Ways Open Jaws
by The Do

An Album by Korallreven
by Korallreven

Hello Sadness
by Los Campesinos

by Odonis Odonis

by Sigur Ros

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