Raleigh Moncrief's Wonderful New Anticon Album "Watered Lawn"

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Raleigh Moncrief "Cast Out for Days" (2011)

Often times it is the artists who defy category (the ones who can be filed under more than one section) who are the most exciting ones to listen to. Such is the case with Sacramento producer/instrumentalist/vocalist Raleigh Moncrief whose genre-defying full-length debut debut, Watered Lawn, has been creating a bit of a buzz since it was released three weeks ago by Anticon receiving attention all over including on The Onion website's AV section this week where an inspired remix by Deerhoof (and featuring LA emcee Busdriver) of the new album track "In This Grass" was posted. The ever engaging eleven track Watered Lawn's sound runs the gamut from folky to electronic to glitchy and manically layered seductive chopped up beats with soothing melodies, and even more other styles and sounds that shift through various moods and incorporate everything from psychedelia to West African guitar riffs, and the artist's unique falsetto thrown in the mix too.

Standout tracks on Watered Lawn include the cinematic "Lament For Morning" (video below), and "Cast Out For Day" (brand new video above). The album, the long time artist's first official solo (although he has released under the radar some solo music over past few years), finally puts this behind-the-scenes player in center stage where he deserves to be and on a label that commands respect.

After years of being in the shadows for such things as engineer & co-producer for Dirty Projectors on their 2009 album Bitte Orca, a regular (drumming master) Zach Hill collaborator, and as guitarist in Marnie Stern's touring unit-Moncrief, Moncrief now steps into the spotlight with the eleven track Watered Lawn available on CD at Amoeba Music.

Raleigh Moncrief "Lament for Morning" (2011)

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