Ignoring Haters & Dismissing Cancer Rumors, Adele Continues Her Rise to Become the Top Selling Artist of 2011

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At each Amoeba Music as well as at near every music store around the world one of the consistently most popular albums of this year has been Adele's phenomenally successful second album 21 on XL/Columbia which in this past week hit (again) the number one slot on the Billboard album charts for the second week in a row - and repeating the feat of capturing the number slot that it has accomplished on thirteen previous chart weeks throughout 2011.

The popularity & corresponding sales of the album, which was released back in February (it was released the previous month in her native UK), have been driven by the success of its singles including the latest "Someone Like You" (see video below), "Set Fire To The Rain," and the incredibly popular, raw blues driven, album lead-off single "Rolling In The Deep."

From its early 2011 release the album has been heralded as an instant classic by everyone including such folks at Amoeba Hollywood as Ray Ricky Rivera, L.L., and Super Cooper who said of 21, "I’m not going to be the first or last to tell you that this record is stunning. Just listen to “Someone Like You” and try not to cry. If you can’t cry, I feel sorry for you. That song can change you, if you let it in. Let it in."

But despite the non stop accolades and all of Adele's success things looked bleak for the singer after it was announced last Friday that she suddenly had to cancel the remaining concert dates of her 2011 tour. This news immediately fueled much speculation and rumors that Adele was suffering from throat cancer. But these rumors were dismissed by the artist and her spokesman who this week made this statement, "We would like to reiterate that Adele is to undergo surgery for a hemorrhaged vocal chord. All reports regarding any other condition are 100% false."

As with any successful artist jealous individuals and haters are never too far, ready to try and drag down a successful person. In the case of Adele her atypical physical form and non-sexual presentation (IE not the stereotypical sex kitten with emphasis on image over content) for a female pop star is often unwisely used as ammunition by haters. But all of this Adele takes in her stride addressing as she so famously did in one interview by commenting;  "If you've got it, flaunt it, if it works with your music...But I can't imagine having guns and whipped cream coming out of my tits. I don't make music for eyes. I make music for ears."

Meantime her album sales keep racking up. With a total of 4.1 million plus album sales (just Stateside) the British singer is the top selling artist of the year. Even the ever popular Lady Gaga, whose Born This Way is in second place in terms of albums sold based on Nielsen Soundscan figures, only sold half the numbers that Adele has in 2011. Not only are Adele's sales figures a most impressive accomplishment in this current climate of the music business but she is the first artist to sell over four million units in six years. The last artist to do so was another female singer, Mariah Carey, whose total sales whose sales for her hit album Emancipation of Mimi sold 4.9 million units in 2005. Adele still has two months left to catch up and match or possibly beat that figure.

You can view a track by track interview on 21 by Adele courtesy of her main website. And you can buy Adele's music at all three Amoeba Music stores as well as online from Amoeba.Com. Info to purchase here = 21 CD version, 21 2LP version19 CD version 19 2LP set, 19 Deluxe CD version, and (from the first album) "Chasing Pavements" import CD Single.

Adele "Someone Like You" (2011)

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