New 12"s @ Amoeba Hollywood 11/16 Jurgen Muller, John Daly, Marcel Dettmann, Elektro Guzzi, Lowtec, Untold and more

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Jurgen Muller
Science Of The Sea LP

New and perhaps final repress, all copies are on a marbled metallic sky blue vinyl. Jürgen Müller was a self-taught amateur musician who, while studying oceanic science at the University of Kiel, purchased some electronic instruments and set up a mobile studio on his house boat, docked along the town of Heikendorf, on the North Sea. He held a life-long fascination with the ocean, the expansive and endless inner-space of the deep, where he felt many ecological miracles had yet to be discovered, and which kindled a love for the unknown. This love of all things nautical started early in his youth and eventually led him to study the oceanic sciences. For one week in 1979, Jürgen took up with a film crew on a mission to document some sea-water toxicity testing that was being performed by a couple of notable biologists, only a few kilometers offshore. At the end of the expedition, he decided that he would make music to capture the strange feeling conjured by these experiences. Utilizing only a handful of barely-remembered childhood piano lessons, Jürgen set about creating his marine-influenced vignettes with some electronic instruments he had gathered through friends, as well as borrowing some new equipment from a local school's music department. As a general music lover, earlier in the '70s he had taken note of several avant-garde electronic composers who he felt simultaneously captured a purity of sound and sense of wonder that was lacking in other music. He dreamt of fusing this ideal with the synthetic recreations of nature. In a sense, one could say he stumbled onto an early "new age" aesthetic through pure ignorance and coincidence. Mixing relaxing ambient tones and spooky, otherworldly sounds, he came up with a unique approach. After filling several reels of home recordings, he held ambitions of becoming a film composer. He decided to start his own publishing company, Neue Wissenschaft, and hoped to compose albums to sell as production music to various film companies for use in documentaries and television programs. As he was simultaneously hard at work on his studies to finish school, he had to work on his music in short intervals, and often had to put it aside altogether. As a result, it took several years for him to actually realize his sole full-length recording, Science Of The Sea, the sessions for which began in late 1981, before finishing a year later. Less than 100 copies were pressed, and few of them were even sent out to potential clients. Most copies were eventually given to friends and family. Jürgen's musical gamble never quite paid off as he had hoped, and without any outside interest or connections in the music world, he soon abandoned any dreams of a musical existence and instead chose to further his oceanographic career. Remastered from the original tapes by Brad Rose. Cut to vinyl at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin and pressed in Germany.

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Lions Of Judah
Rhythmatism 12"


Steadfast Records presents three smoking tracks of deep, chunky techno from a collaborative project featuring John Daly and the mystery man known as 19.454. Actually, it seems like there's only two tracks, but if you weren't blazed enough to forget 19.454.'s (wtf?) deep RA podcast, you should smoke this!

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Marcel Dettmann

Conducted Sampler 1 & 2 12"
Music Man

Music Man Records is proud to present a sampler of the second mix CD from Marcel Dettmann. The tracklist of Conducted (MM 036CD) includes a mixture of new-to-be discovered talents, old-to-be re-discovered gems, and a few usual suspects. Conducted is a timeless mix from one of the most important players in today's techno scene. This is the first of two vinyl samplers, including tracks by Bluemoon Productions (1990!), Morphosis, Signal and FBK, the second of two vinyl samplers, includes tracks by Cheeba Starks (1996!), Vril, The Analogue Cops and Answer Code Request.

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Elektro Guzzi

Parquet 2x12"

Elektro Guzzi deliver one of the most thrilling live performance models for techno and an innovative leap in the art of band performance at the very same time. It's almost the antithesis to what a band is supposed to be. While they use guitar, bass and drums only, they take the most unusual playing techniques and put them together into a rigid mechanical form where it all makes instant, evident sense. Yet, if they had not performed live extensively, becoming audience favorites from Mutek to Sónar or Berghain to Fabric, it would be hard to believe this is really how the music is created. Parquet, their second studio album, sees them in an unprecedented monomaniacal techno mode. Throughout the nine tracks, the distinctions between instruments and roles are totally vaporized. While their instrumental approach is at the core of their aesthetics, it really doesn't matter anymore if one sound comes from a guitar or bass or drum -- it has all been merged into one sonic unit and all there is, is the music as a unified entity. While all the qualities of live performance are at hand -- real-time interaction, visual plausibility, instant miniscule adaptations -- it is a radical break with what group performances have been about so far.Parquet is as much a straight-up club music record as it is rich with nuances and details. Astonishingly, while being their most rigid and dance-centered work to date, it also holds outbursts of beauty with tonal lines, ringing overtones and warm resonances. The rhythms are stripped down to the core and structured for affecting longer stretches of perception. Every track comes with a distinctive, almost "branding" feature -- like the hypnotic meter-shifting line of "Affumicato," the gated chords of "Pentagonia" or the abridged rhythm of "Absorber." Actually, it all was recorded directly to analog tape. No edits, no overdubs. It's the man-machine in real time and a hint at the love Elektro Guzzi put in the process.

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Colored 12”

The title cut is a slice of edgy Berlin tech house that pumps along from the outset. "DARRYNANE" is an uncomfortably jittering beat compression over subtle, swirling synths and vocal samples that make for a hypnotic groove. "TWIZEL" is a lush, minimal deep house groove.

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Little Things Like That 12”
Clone Basement Series

Untold dropping two big tracks that will let no dancefloor unimpaired! After many amazing releases in the past years we have been impressed many times by his work. Now somehow everything falls at place for a Clone release, with Untold somehow bridging the gap between uk Bass music and the more 4/4 spectrum of music that we think must be experienced in a no-nonsense setting with a proper soundsystem (which is the main inspiration for the Basement series). Enjoy!

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Inertia #1 & #2
Ann Aimee

Part one consists of four modern techno tracks on this first release of an Ann Aimee compilation series. All four new and exclusive tracks deal in techno urgency. Delta Funktionen goes deep and dramatic, Peter Van Hoesen offers up his usual dub-wise textures, while Lindau pairs icy hi-hats with a heavy, stomping beat. Sawlin offers the trippiest techno with his delightfully disheveled "Excipidial." Part Top of Form Part two of the four-part Inertia sampler. Previously unreleased. First up is Frenchman Marcelus, who offers a heavy house and techno fusion, before London's Sighagoes deep and ominous with "Finding Myself." Redshape and Area Forty_One close out the package with frozen, static-coated sounds and textured techno, respectively.

Purchase #1 here
Purchase #2 here

Claude Young & Takasi Nakajima
Roland S Faber/Gegen Den Strom
HNNY-Kornel Kovacs/Barn 006
De-Lite-Desiya/Wild Times Rmx
DMX Krew/Broken SD140
Erik Travis/Big Spender
Creative Swing Alliance/CSA EP
A Sagittarium/Circle Stops Som
Dax J & Chris Stainford/Progra
Altered Natives/White Label #1
Ivano Tetelepta/Smokin' G
Joseph Bacchilego/Human Form
Rich Oddie of Orphx/SFLTD001
Violet Poison/Violet Poison
Obtane & Giorgio Gigli-Tin Man
B Bravo/KISS 'N' TELL EP 12”
Il Bosco/EP 1 12”
Kassem Mosse/ENOHA EP 12”
Lee Scratch Perry vs Digital Mystikz/12"
Craggz & Parallel/FUTURE SHOCK-JUBEI 12”
Kyoto Jazz Massive/MOONSTARR EDITS 7”
COTTAM: Deep Deep Down EP 12"
TIGER ROSE: Food For Dreams 12"
INKSWEL: Glass Tear Groove EP 12”
SCNTST: Monday 12”
KEVIN GORMAN: Cast (Jonas Kopp Remix) 12”
EFDEMIN: Chicago Remixes (2) 12"
KEZ YM: Stride EP 12"
KOLSCH: Speicher 70 12”
CARLOS NILMMNS: Subculture 12”
RAUDIVE: Love Is The Devil 12"
SHIMMY SHAM SHAM: Shimmy Sham Sham 04 12"
WILLIAM FOWLER COLLINS: The Resurrections Unseen LP

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