Everybody Scream on this Monday, Halloween!

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Monday afternoon may not be everyone's first choice for party time, but Amoeba San Francisco wasn’t about to let something as insignificant as a day of the week get in the way of a good costume contest!

Amoeba San Francisco’s annual Halloween employee costume contest
was kicked off with the spooky sounds of DJ Tay, who came dressed as a Hippie Butcher complete with the head of Jerry Garcia!

Funnyman Sean Murphy served as our Master of Ceremonies and introduced each of our masked miscreants one by one as judges Tony, Donnell, and Suzanne took copious notes.

lead the charge as…a mailman! 

Then we had a special guest appearance by the one and only Tina Turner! Also known as Nick!

Luciano pillaged the stage in Viking gear.

Is that Nas? Or just Robert?

Natalie as Puff the Magic Dragon!

The mysterious Security Gabe as…____

Costume connoisseur Kelly as Furry Peter Criss!

Ryan as…Vanilla Bin Laden, The Sultan of Swing!

Miss Tarin as the stunning Miss Piggy.

And finally, Grace as Grace With Pizza.

The judges deliberated for quite some time as they had a difficult decision ahead of them, but three winners emerged: 3rd place went to Kelly as Furry Peter Criss, 2nd place to Tarin as Miss Piggy, and first place to…Nick for his dazzling Tina Turner! Honorable mention was given to Robert as Nas since the judges did like the album.

Thanks to all the employees who participated in the costume contest! We hope you all have a spooktacular evening. Stay sick.

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