Tegan and Sara Prepare to Release Cool New DVD/CD Set, All Along

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The ever popular Canadian pop-rock duo of Tegan and Sara are about to release a really cool new DVD/CD pack on Warner Brothers in the coming weeks. Entitled Get Along the two disc set will arrive in Amoeba on November 15th where no doubt it will be a popular item with both customers and staff alike since the musical pair have built a strong relationship with Amoeba following many in-store performances over the years dating back eight years including ones at both Amoeba Berkeley and Amoeba Hollywood last year.  Songs on the new set include "I Hear Noises," "Back In Your Head," "Divided," "Knife Going In," and "Not With You."

The DVD/CD package includes two mini-documentaries plus both audio and video footage of a live concert by the duo in their homeland. Recorded over two nights at The Warehouse Studios in Vancouver, BC for an intimate audience of 75 invited fans it is a seventy minute concert titled For The Most Part. Meanwhile the first of the two 30-minute documentary films follows Tegan and Sara on an American tour, focusing on their history tracing back to their early music-career beginnings plus a look at their close relationship with their fanbase - something that was quite evident at their Amoeba instores. The other documentary film is a 25 minute piece called India since it follows them on first-ever tour of India - as seen in the above trailer clip.

Tegan and Sara "I Won't Be Left" Live from Get Along (2011)

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