out this week, 8/29 & 9/6: Beirut...Blood Orange...Doug Benson...Jacuzzi Boys...The Rapture...

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Hello friends! Sorry it has been so long since I have updated you with all the big new releases that have been coming out these last couple of weeks. It has been an intense couple of weeks of new albums! Almost too much for me to handle. I just don't know what to listen to. Which albums do I devote my time to when there are so many to choose from. It is hard to believe. But September is almost over. Summer is pretty much over. The kids are back in school. And Halloween and Christmas are right around the corner. But before we get into holiday craziness, we still have some time to enjoy these amazing albums that have been coming out in August and September.

has finally put out a new album! Zachary beirut Condon, the genius behind Beirut, has been putting out amazing albums since Gulag Orkestar in 2006. This was followed by The Flying Club Cup which ended up somewhere on my best of the year list in 2007. He released March of the Zapotec in 2009. But this new album Rip Tide is really the third official full album by Beirut. I always looks forward to anything this guy puts out. The albums always sound like there are 20 people are playing on them. It has the depth of a Arcade Fire album but not as frenetic. His albums are more laid back. Perfect summer albums. I can imagine laying out by the pool with my fancy cocktail listening to this new album. If I did that sort of thing. This is not the kind of album I listen to while driving. Although I imagine it would be nice if you were all alone on some country road driving on some beautiful windy road. It is really never too late to fall in love with Beirut. This is some beautiful stuff. Great album to fall in or out of love to. But you will most certainly fall in love with the voice of Zach Condon! Beautiful stuff.

I am also having a hard time putting down the new album by Blood Orange, Coastal Grooves. This is new project of Devonte Hynes from Lightspeed Champion. I have said it before I know. But I love everything this guys does. I was obsessed with those Lightspeed Champion albums. And Devonte has again managed to make me fall in love with his new project Blood Orange. I don't even know how to describe his genius. He is just a magical songwriter and puts together these extremely catchy and heartwarming songs that I just can't get enough of. If you want to read more about my love of Lightspeed Champion and Dev Hynes, you can do that here. I don't think I can make everyone love this album. But I wish that I could. You will either like it after the first listen or you just won't get it. But I highly recommend this. Check it out.

Here is the video for "Sutphin Boulevard" from the new album Coastal Grooves by Blood Orange.

I have been a loyal fan of the amazing Doug Benson for a couple of years now. I am a loyal fan of his podcast Doug Loves Movies. I myself love the movies. And I love Doug Benson. I am not even a stoner but I still can't get enough of this guy and his laid back sense of humour. He did a question and answer thing at the New Beverly with Edgar Wright and the cast of Scott Pilgrim Vs the World. I have been hooked on Doug Benson ever since. Comedy Central has just released his new comedy album called Potty Mouth. The best thing about this release is that it includes a DVD with six episodes of The Benson Interruption. This really makes it worth it alone. The Benson Interruption is basically live stand up with his comic friends. He is sort of the host but he basically sits in a chair on the stage making fun of them and jumping in every once in while with his own jokes. It is like interactive comedy. Good stuff.

  Another album that you should be checking out is the new album from Jacuzzi Boys. Another fantastic album to end your Summer with. Or start your Fall with. The new album Glazin' is out now on Hardly Art. The label distributed by Sub Pop Records. They are from the land of The Golden Girls in Miami, Florida. This is a super fun garage rock album. Nothing that will drastically change your life. But a really fun catchy album. It is so short that I am often tempted to listen to it twice in a row. This is the music that I would imagine Blanche's Grandson to listen to when he comes to visit the girls. At least if The Golden Girls was set in 2011. I guess in 1985 he was probably listening to The Ramones and The Cramps.

Check out "Glazin'" from the new album Glazin' by Jacuzzi Boys...

the rapture
The Rapture
is also back with a fantastic new album called In The Grace of Your Love. They released their first album Mirror way back in 1999. I still think of them as a San Francicso band even though they relocated to New York many years ago. And I had honestly sort of forget about them the last couple of years. I was not really a big fan of their album Pieces of the People We Love back in 2006. But I got excited when I first heard the new single "How Deep Is Your Love" a couple of months ago. I am glad that they left Universal Records and are now back on DFA Records where they should be. Another great album to end your Summer with.

Free download
Free download of "How Deep Is Your Love?" by The Rapture.

also out 8/29...

Rip Tide
by Beirut

Potty Mouth
by Doug Benson

Coastal Grooves
by Blood Orange

by Dirty Beaches

by Jacuzzi Boys

Endless Now
by Male Bonding

I'm With You
by Red Hot Chili Peppers

by Yacht

also out 9/6...

Some Easy Magic
by Fungi Girls

Work (Work Work)

In The Grace Of Your Love
by The Rapture

Go Tell Fire To The Mountain
by Wu Lyf

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