I Can't Stand The Rain But I Like The Song

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Eruption "I Can't Stand The Rain" (1978)

For those of you currently not in the Bay Area let me report that the weather here has been pretty crappy of late with lots of wet days disrupting peoples' outdoor activity plans. Over the past week, for example, it has rained five out of seven days and seemingly always in the morning right as I'm trying to head outdoors on my bicycle. Not fun.  Saturday morning's heavy downfall put a damper on a lot of Bay Area festivals, street fairs, and outdoor events including the Berkeley World Music Festival which, even though it has a "rain or shine" policy, resulted in many vendors backing out at the last minute.

Luckily it didn't disrupt everything since many of the festival's events were also indoors including the Amoeba Berkeley in-store with Mamadou & Vanessa. Other East Bay events I attempted to attend over the weekend but couldn't due to weather included Shady Nate's canceled community BBQ in DeFrermery Park in West Oakland and yesterday's Temescal Sreet Fair in North Oakland which was,according to organizers, "postponed due to an inclement weather forecast" until July 10th.

Ann Peebles "I Can't Stand The Rain" (original version, 1973)

I know that rain is good for the environment and California water supplies sure can use a good back up of H2O. But personally I can't stand the rain, especially in June when I'm all ready for good outdoor weather. But I do like the song of the same name and for some reason it always pops into my head on rainy days.  Hence I've been humming "I Can't Stand The Rain" a lot lately and thought I would do a run down of some of the different versions of this much covered song that was first recorded by Ann Peebles in 1973 who co-wrote it with Don Bryant & Bernard "Bernie" Miller.

Over the years countless artists have covered the great song including Tina Turner in 1985 (fifth single off her 1984 album Private Dancer) the disco band Eruption in 1978 (see video bove), Seal who did a popular version three years ago on his album Soul,  jazz vocalist Cassandra Wilson who covered it on her 1993 album Blue Light 'til Dawn, and Ronnie Wood who recorded it back in 1975 on his solo album Now Look

Tina Turner "I Can't Stand The Rain" (1985 single from the 1984 album Private Dancer)

Others who have recorded "I Can't Stand The Rain" include Humble Pie, Lowell George, La Bouche, Michael Bolton, Terry Manning, Sam Moore, Dale Ann Bradley, Albert King, Boyz II Men, Graham Central Station, Guy Sebastian, Bad Manners. and the band in the film The Commitments.  Additionally Missy Elliott's "Supa Dupa Fly" sampled the song.

Above and below are some of these versions of the song. Oh and as far as rain in the Bay Area for the week ahead; the good news is that, according to the weather service, no rain (but clouds) is forecast for the next few days across the Bay Area. And then Friday will be the first really good weather day in a while with sunny skies & warm temps up to the lower to mid 80's.  I can't wait.

Humble Pie "I Can't Stand The Rain" (from 1974 album Thunderbox)

Cassandra Wilson "I Can't Stand The Rain" (1993)

The Commitments "I Can't Stand The Rain" (1991)

Lowell George "I Can't Stand The Rain" (from the 1979 album I'll Eat it Here)

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